WebOS Man, Matias Duarte Leaves Palm Possibly for Google

WebOS Man, Matias Duarte Leaves Palm Possibly for Google

Matias Duarte, you may or may not have heard of the guy but apparently he’s considered the driving force behind Palm’s mobile phone operating system, webOS, and apparently Duarte has now ditched Palm. According to an Engadget article by Joshua Topolsky, Matias Duarte who was Senior Director of Human Interface and User Experience has left […]

O2 Mobile Palm Pixi Plus and Pre Plus: Should I Buy?

O2 Mobile Palm Pixi Plus and Pre Plus- Should I Buy

We mentioned a while back about O2 Mobile UK and its Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus release date being May 28th, well now many of you will ask “Should I Buy? O2 has revealed that it will sell the two new mobile phones from Palm, here is a quick recap on the prices […]

Palm Acquisition Was Battle between 16 Companies

Palm Acquisition Was Battle between 16 Companies

When Palm went up for sale one may have presumed that there were only a few companies interested in acquiring the WebOS smartphone company, but apparently there were 16 companies that showed interest in purchasing Palm reports an article over on engadget. As we all know, HP won the battle to gain Palm but according […]

Palm prepares for next WebOS version May or June


Mobile phone Maker Palm who have been in the news a lot recently and are soon to be integrated in HP’s global business are preparing to release a new version of its webOS mobile platform according to softpedia.com The new release is expected to be with us in a matter of weeks. An email has […]

HP: Palm WebOS is Prize Asset, Smartphones and Tablets

HP- Palm WebOS is Prize Asset, Smartphones and Tablets

Earlier on we reported that HP bought Palm and now it is said that Palm WebOS is a Prize Asset, Reading the Engadget’s liveblog things seem very interesting indeed. Engadget spoke to Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein and Ian Humphries, HP’s Senior VP of Strategy and Corporate Development and things look very promising indeed. One main […]

Palm developer day reveals new webOS features


Usually when Palm is mentioned at the moment it is about either a takeover or some kind of shuffle within the company. But not this time you’ll be pleased to hear as reported in an article from the folks over at engadget.com via precentral.net Rather refreshingly Palm managed to take the focus off of the […]

HTC say no to Palm, will Lenovo buy?


It has been reported that HTC who are the worlds no 5 in Smartphone brands will not be bidding on Palm, after they have reviewed the company’s numbers according to a recent report over at reuters.com We covered this earlier today which can be viewed here. This leaves really just one company PC brand Lenovo, […]

Palm won’t be getting the bid from HTC


We have all heard of the troubles that have surrounded Palm Inc just recently with rumours in relation to potential buyers of the company. A report of at engadget.com via reuters.com gives us an update. It has been reported that the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC have decided against bidding for Palm. An internal source revealed that […]

Palm’s Intellectual Property said to be worth between $8-$9 per share


Some say that Palm has been counted out now, well that is the opinion of many analysts including a Morgan Joseph & Co analyst. The Morgan Joseph & Co analyst, has cut his price target on the mobile device and software manufacturer to $0. Now of course we have the strong rumours which are all […]

Pre Plus and Pixi Plus has Palm got enough left to be successful?


Palm as we know has experienced a few problems in the past few months including very disappointing sales figures from the Pre Plus and also the Pixi Plus with Verizon Wireless. There has even been some rumours that the company may even be sold. People are wondering if Palm does have a future or not […]