Apple Store robbed of a million bucks worth of gear

Apple Store robbed of a million bucks worth of gear

Apple gear is somewhat on the expensive side but most people save up their cash if they wish to purchase an iPhone or some other Apple device. But there are those that prefer to pilfer tech gear so they can sell it on to make a profit rather than having to shell out their own […]

The new P5 Paris by Sony Ericsson leaked

P5 Paris

The P5 handset, also known as the “Paris” is supposedly Sony Ericsson’s next big thing. What is known of this mobile is a slider design with the M600 or P1 type keyboard under its display. Also its widgetised homepage leads one to believe it will run the newly announced UIQ 3.3, and hopefully will incorporate […]

Apple iPhone sales figures revealed by Orange France

Apple iPhone

The official operator partner for Apple iPhone in France, Orange France has announced the number of iPhones sold in France at a press event in Paris. Even though France Telecom sales figures were announced back in February, the company has stated a breakdown of just how many handsets were sold under contract and sold without […]