Samsung Smart Glasses patent shows interesting Augmented Reality approach


It’s safe to say Google Glass as we knew it was a big flop. While we know the company is revamping Glass, a new Samsung Smart Glasses patent has surfaced with a new take on the smart glasses concept.

Amazon Ear Scanning Tech allows your handset with your Ear

amazon logo

Remember the good old days when unlocking your smartphone was as simple as hitting the power button? Fingerprint scanners are the new trend, but Amazon may hope to change that. They aren’t going for your eyeballs either as the company has its sights set on your earlobes.

Apple Smart Packaging in the works according to New Patent

apple smart packaging

Apple catches a lot of heat for their high prices and the fact that they are a bit slow to change. That said, when the do come up with something ‘different’ they tend to blow us away. A new patent from the company shows they may be working on something unique, and it’s not a new device. Ready for Apple Smart Packaging?

Apple VR headset appears in Patent Filing

Apple VR

Mobile-based Virtual Reality is slowing become a reality for thousands of folks around the globe – that own Android handsets. The VR experience on an iPhone isn’t nearly as slick, but a new patent from the company shows they may have had VR plans in the works for quite some time.

Samsung Foldable Smartphone patent shows bendable design

samsung foldable phone

We’ve seen a lot of smartphone concepts over the years that utilize foldable or bendable displays. Samsung has filed plenty of patents with flexible tech, but a new one gives us a glimpse of their coolest concept yet with the Samsung foldable smartphone.

iPad Air 2, Mini 3 could get pressure display

iPad Air Mini 2 could have pressure display

Some interesting possibilities for the next iterations of Apple’s iPads have been raised today that stem from a new patent, details of which have just been published. Apple has also looked into pressure sensitive technologies previously and it’s conceivable that the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 could get pressure displays. The USPTO has […]

Motorola electronic skin tattoo patent raises concerns

Motorola electronic skin tattoo patent raises concerns

It can be said that crazy and bizarre inventions do bring some fun into our lives, but the two Motorola patents that were filed back in Q4 2013 that relates to electronic skin tattoos raises concerns and questions. No one is for sure when this type of technology will hit the market, but the patents […]

Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 4 new features on 13MP

Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 4 new features on 13MP

Samsung is apparently working on a brand new 13MP camera with some new features to boot, in 2014 we are expected to see the new Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Note 4 and the specs need to be somewhat mind blowing to keep up with what they have already released. According to Patent Bolt the […]

HTC vs Nokia in patent war violation

HTC vs Nokia in patent war violation

Nokia and HTC went head-to-head in a patent war and Nokia came out on top this time round, the patent violation saw HTC losing to Nokia after they infringed two patents to do with signals. The two patents that included signals being sent/received by tablets and mobile phones sparked the patent war between the two […]

iPhone 6 video switching feature possibility


There’s a lot of attention right now on the new Apple iPhone 5S that is due to be announced on September 10. However, we also like to look ahead to further iterations of popular devices and are already considering potential inclusions for the iPhone 6. A new prospect arose today with the news of an […]