Nokia vs RIM in WLAN standard feud


Here we go again, once more another feud between two big players in the mobile industry though at least for once it’s not between Apple and Samsung! This time Nokia and Research in Motion are going head to head with Nokia petitioning in a bid to prevent RIM from selling devices with wireless LAN support […]

Apple shock loss to VirnetX for Facetime tech infringement


We are now so used to various ongoing court cases between rival phone manufacturers that to be frank sometimes it’s hard to pay attention but today news of one of these disputes has made us sit up and take notice. Such seems the might of Apple that we’re used to high-profile cases such as ongoing […]

The iPhone future with new patents

The iPhone of the future pic 1

With the iPhone 5 being released to a record amount of paying customers last month many people are asking what is next in Apple’s war chest of cool ideas and innovative gadgets. While the iPhone 5 offers some great enhancements over its predecessor and is definitely a more stable release in many ways, the iPhone […]

HTC 8X ban probability if Nokia wins patent battle

HTC 8X ban probability if Nokia wins patent battle

Well now, it appears that there is to be another court battle in the mobile space over design, this time between Nokia and HTC, with the word being that Nokia isn’t too pleased that the design of the upcoming HTC 8X and HTC 8S smartphones that HTC launched a few days ago resembles the Nokia […]

Apple warpath, Motorola Germany Loses patent injunction war


It’s difficult to look at any headlines lately without seeing the Apple name firmly emblazoned across the news. Obviously we’ve just seen the iPhone 5 announcement but prior to that Apple’s U.S. patent litigation case with Samsung was big news with Apple eventually winning and Samsung having to pay over a billion dollars in damages. […]

Samsung Apple ruling pushes Android alternative thinking


Before the court verdict in the recent U.S. patent litigation battle between Apple and Samsung, we discussed how whichever way it went there were likely to be huge ramifications for the mobile phone industry. The conclusion resulted in a win for Apple against Samsung although Samsung is to appeal and also led Apple to name […]

iPhone 5 ban over 4G/LTE standard-essential patents


Many readers will have followed the recent U.S. patent litigation court battle between Apple and Samsung that resulted in an Apple victory. Samsung was ordered to pay Apple over one billion dollars and Apple also moved to try to ban sales of some Samsung products. Samsung is set to appeal the verdict and in the […]

New Apple iPhone patent changes settings based on location


For those of you who may be Apple iPhone users or thinking of becoming we have some information about a new iPhone patent that changes settings based on location. We’re not about to claim that this may feature in the iPhone 5, expected to be unveiled in another couple of weeks, but it’s certainly a […]

Samsung Apple verdict and your discussion

Samsung Apple verdict and your discussion

No doubt everyone in the world knows by now that Apple has come out on top in the Apple versus Samsung patent infringement court case that has been grabbing much of the headlines lately, and obviously most will know that Samsung has been told to pay Apple a billion bucks in damages. Apple has also […]

Apple vs Illustrator vs Photoshop with iOS & Mac patent

Apple vs Illustrator vs Photoshop with iOS & Mac patent

Looks like there could be a possibility that Apple is looking at delivering a new advanced graphics app for iOS devices and Mac that could grab a piece of the Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator market, as a new patent filing over at the USPTO has now been published, with the invention using extensive use of […]