Mastering iPhone photography with Photoshop CS 5


As smartphone cameras get better and more advanced, we find ourselves using our mobiles more and more to capture images, rather than reaching for our usual compact digital. But although our devices have the ability to take the perfect shot, not all of us have the ability to develop this into the picture that we […]

Apple iPhone modded or Photoshop or iPhone 2

Apple iPhone

If this image were real Apple would have had it removed instantly via several huge lawsuits no doubt, and making sure it didn’t see the light of day in the internet. As it is it’s probably a master Photoshopist at work, or even a cleverly modded iPhone, or even a mixture of both. But the […]

Nokia E52 handset Photoshop or not?

Nokia E52

Nokia E52 smartphone, or is it? Apparently it’s not that real; as you may be able to tell from the image this handset adds a “slider touch” design to the original E52, the end result is somewhat weird to say the lease, although if it is real we can see someone actually purchasing it. Well […]