Galaxy Note 3 AT&T GPS problems pre-Android 4.4 update

Galaxy Note 3 ATT GPS problems

Owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on one US carrier are likely to be interested by some news today. It’s reported that some users are finding the Galaxy Note 3 AT&T variant is suffering from GPS problems prior to the Android 4.4 update. Hopefully this will be solved by the time 4.4 KitKat arrives […]

Google Play 403 error worries Android users

Google Play 403 error worries Android users

Android users have been getting the Google Play 403 error of late and it is apparently causing a few worries, if you visit Twitter you will see many tweets of the 403 error occurring – So what is this about and what should we do? Frustrated users say that they are receiving the 403 error […]

iPhone 3GS battery expansion problem is serious

iPhone 3GS battery expansion problem is serious

Smartphones go wrong, sometimes they have software issues and of course hardware problems occur as well – But when the iPhone 3GS battery-expanding problem occurred it came as a shock because this could have been very serious indeed. We all know smartphone batteries can explode when left on charge overnight, so we all take precautions […]

Starbucks app needs 2014 Android update

Starbucks app on Android needs 2014 update

The Starbucks iOS app was last updated on January 17, 2014 bringing ‘Version 2.6.2’, this brought safeguards and additional performance enhancements. However, the last time the Android app was updated was back on September 18, 2013 v2.4.2, which brought minor bug fixes. Starbucks app needs 2014 Android update If you have a Starbucks card you […]

Optus Samsung Ativ S OTA update reboot problems

Optus Samsung Ativ S OTA update reobot problems

There seems to be a few Optus Samsung Ativ S owners having issues since downloading the latest software, one of the main problems focuses on the handset rebooting all the time. On January 16, 2014 Grant Stokes shared his issue with the Microsoft Community under the Samsung Ativ S section, he said that his particular […]

LG G Flex bump problem played down

LG G Flex bump problem acknowledged

The LG G Flex smartphone has created quite a stir on the mobile market because of its curved flexible design and self-healing properties. However, it’s now reported that the LG G Flex has a bump problem, and LG has acknowledged this issue with the phone although played down its significance. The G Flex was initially […]

Google Plus Hangouts web server problems, app is fine

Google Plus Hangouts web server problems, app is fine

Going to keep this real brief, it seems Google Plus Hangouts web version is having server problems at the moment. When using Google Plus hangouts online it seems there is an outage and this is to do with server issues, each I try to open Hangouts I get a message saying “Can’t connect to server” […]

Battlefield 4 Commander Android app problems

Battlefield 4 Commander Android app problems

The new Battlefield 4 Android app is now readily available to download and install, this is a great companion app for some and for others it has proven to be causing a few problems. If Battlefield 4 gamers are wanting a little more strategic gameplay in their life then it would be recommended to download […]

iOS Facebook app crashing for some needs fixing


Regular Phones Review readers may remember that a few days ago we discussed problems that some people were having with the iOS Facebook app crashing. It seems this is an ongoing problem and needs some kind of fixing, as this issue is still causing a certain amount of frustration. Previously we told how readers were […]

iPad Air problems reported early on


The Apple iPad Air release took place yesterday, and the device is currently making its way into the hands of eager customers. We often hear about the odd flaw or issue with a new major device launch, and it appears that some iPad Air problems are being reported regarding screen and text issues. Before we […]