Sony Xperia E UK Release in February

Sony Xperia E UK Release in February

Not too long ago Sony unveiled their latest additions to their popular Xperia line of devices in the form of the Sony Xperia E and the Sony Xperia E Dual handsets. Now if you happen to be a fan of Xperia handsets over here in the United Kingdom, and have had your eyes on the […]

Sharp Aquos Phone SH930W released in Russia

Sharp Aquos Phone SH930W released in Russia

Back in early November it came to light that Sharp would be delivering a full HD 5-inch touch screen smartphone to the mobile space called the Sharp Aquos Phone SH930W, an Android handset that was destined to release initially in Russia rather than Sharp’s home ground of Japan. Well true to their word Sharp has […]

Samsung Ativ S finally releases in Austria

Samsung Ativ S finally releases in Austria

As you probably know, Samsung’s first Windows Phone 8 handset, the Samsung Ativ S has been a bit of an elusive smartphone what with seeing delay after delay with getting the device out into the mobile space. We recently reported that the Ativ S had been given yet another delay and the device wouldn’t arrive […]

Microsoft Surface woe as release delayed for some – UPDATED


We’ve been following news about the Microsoft Surface tablet, which is due to be released on October 26. There’s been a big amount of interest in this tablet and many have labeled it a credible alternative to the Apple iPad. However if you’re one of the many who have pre-ordered this tablet, especially if you […]

Do we really need iPhone 5 or iPad 3?


For the past year, Apple fans have been keeping a close ear to the ground with news of the new iPhone 5 smartphone and iPad 3 tablet devices. Rumours have been a constant flow with news of their possible specifications and when they will actually arrive. News is still pointing to an iPhone 5 announcement […]

iPad 3 on way, cheap iPad 2’s available


Apple’s iPad 2 tablet officially released to the waiting world nearly a year ago, and it was shortly after this period that news started to surface that the Cali Company were thinking of developing a new iPad 3. Rumours have been in full swing from that time until now with what the tablet will have […]

iPad 3 appearance pointing to March 9th?


As soon as Apple’s iPad 2 tablet officially released last March, news came about that the Cali Company had already started to consider their next third generation device, still to this day to be called the iPad 3. Here at Phones Review, we’ve spoken on a handful of occasions about its possible specifications and we’ve […]

Droid 4 available for purchase on Verizon

Droid 4 available for purchase on Verizon

If you are one of the Android faithful over the pond in the good old US of A and have been patiently waiting for the Big Red to release the Motorola Droid 4 for purchase, Verizon previously announced the device would be made available as of the 10th of this month and the Big Red […]

Sony Walkman Z Japan release Feb, US March


During the IFA event in September of last year, tech company Sony announced their new Sony Walkman Z series for the Japanese market, with an aim of competing against Apple’s iPod device.

LG Spectrum vs Droid RAZR same price, choices?


True to their word, Verizon’s new LG Spectrum running with 4G LTE officially released today (January 19th) to a waiting number of customers. Back at the start of this month, we took a look at the new Spectrum against Samsung’s popular Galaxy Nexus with a view to leaving the choice up to you.