The Banner Saga for Android has finally arrived

the banner saga

If you own an Android device, you know that the truly great mobile games always head to iOS first. That was the case with The Banner Saga, one of the coolest RPG’s of the year. Well, today Stoic Studios finally dropped The Banner Saga for Android, and you will definitely want to clear up some time in your schedule if you dig tactical RPG’s.

Heroes of Dragon Age RPG release for iOS, Android


We know that many readers enjoy gaming on their mobile devices and we like to keep you informed about upcoming game apps that are likely to be popular. Today we have some news about the Heroes of Dragon Age RPG release for iOS and Android devices, and with the popularity of role-playing games growing all […]

Dungeon Hunter 4 RPG explodes onto Google Play

Dungeon hunter 4

Mobile gaming has opened up to a wider audience with the emergence of more powerful smartphones and tablet PCs, which has also seen the quality of titles also improving, and we now have news that the Dungeon Hunter 4 RPG game has exploded onto Google Play. The game is the latest title in a successful […]

Ravensword: Shadowlands for Android, stunning RPG to the masses

Ravensword Shadowlands for Android stunning RPG for the masses

RPG games have always been extremely popular for owners of PCs and home gaming consoles, but with the improvements in mobile technology in recent times we have seen some great titles becoming available on the various platforms. Today we have news of the Ravensword: Shadowlands for Android that brings a stunning RPG experience to the […]

CoD-like Modern Combat 4 action shooter for Android

CoD-like Modern Combat 4 action shooter for Android

A few days ago iOS gamers were able to download and play both Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and whilst Android gamers also gained GTA: Vice City, they were left waiting for their version of Modern Combat 4. However, the first person shooter game has now become available to […]

Chaos Rings for Android, RPG at its best


At Phones Review we like to keep readers informed about the latest phones and tablets but also accessories or some of the most popular apps. There’s great news today if you have an Android device and enjoy gaming as Chaos Rings is now available. This RPG has been highly commended and Chaos Rings should provide […]

Horn Android RPG game best on Tegra devices

Tegra 3 rpg

With the advancement in mobile technology in recent years gamers can now get their fix via their smartphones or tablet PCs. Since Apple first introduced the iPad we have seen more powerful devices being released, with specifications that were only seen on desk top PCs a few years ago. Today we have news of the […]

Tom Hanks Electric City The Revolt RPG app available

Electric city

Mobile phone users are constantly being treated to new and exciting games being released that cover all tastes as well as budgets, and today we have news of the Tom Hanks Electric City The Revolt RPG app that is available for Android and iOS users. As Pocket Gamer are reporting in an article the dystopian […]

Final Fantasy III Android app for RPG enthusiasts


Here at Phones Review we don’t just keep readers informed with the latest mobile devices but also like to keep people up-to-date with the latest useful or entertaining apps. Today we have news of a gaming app for Android devices and classic RPG enthusiasts, Final Fantasy III, the English language version. This much-awaited app finally […]

Juggernaut Revenge of Sovering new breed of RPG


At Phones Review we often bring our readers details about some of the best new apps out there as well as smartphone and tablet news. Gaming apps are increasingly popular and today we have news of a new iOS app called ‘Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering,’ a new breed of RPG. This is a free app […]