iPhone 5 4G LTE not just a myth

iPhone 5 4G LTE not just a myth

As usual each and every day the mobile space waits patiently for Apple to get into gear and deliver the details on the next iPhone, more rumours on the iPhone 5 hit the net before the expected launch date of the 12th of next month. This time round it is to do with whether the […]

iPad 3 to include possible 8-inch Mini?


News of Apple’s iPad 3 tablet has been circling for the past year now and it’s difficult to gauge what’s likely and what’s just pure nonsense. Specs wise, this changes weekly which we will give you a brief rundown of, along with its possible release date.

iPad 3 appearance pointing to March 9th?


As soon as Apple’s iPad 2 tablet officially released last March, news came about that the Cali Company had already started to consider their next third generation device, still to this day to be called the iPad 3. Here at Phones Review, we’ve spoken on a handful of occasions about its possible specifications and we’ve […]

iPhone 5 China Release Date Revealed by Poster?

iPhone 5 China Release Date Revealed by Poster?

Let’s face it anything to do with Apple’s next generation iOS smartphone is going to be big news in the mobile space and hit the net all over the show, and the latest of said iPhone 5 rumours is that China will gain the iPhone 5 in September, and it appears that that may have […]

iPad 2 Release & Specs: Case Shows Rear-Camera, Card Slot

ipad 2 case pic 1

It is that time again when we all speculated about the new Apple iPad 2; well this time round it’s about the new case for the smart tablet that has shown up all over the web. A few images have shown up online with a few details to boot that should excite a few of […]

Poll: Could the New iPhone 2009 really be matte black?


The first ever photo of the matt black iphone appeared in February and now it seems to have re-appeared again, the question is “Could the New iPhone 2009 really be matte black”? We have seen over on MacRumors the new pictures which you can see above and of course on their site, the photo clearly […]

Google GPhone Rumour Crushed: Android Powered Phone coming 2008 not 2009

We have some good news for all you waiting on the Android Powered Google GPhone, many websites are claiming that the GPhone will be arriving in 2009, but these were rumours apparently. Even though I am more of a lover for the Apple 3G iPhone I am still waiting for the Google Phone because it […]

Apple Rumour: They have pulled out of Apple Expo 2008! Is this true?

There are rumours flying around about Apple pulling out of Apple Expo 2008, we are not too sure if this is true or false, according to Macgeneration (See here) they have reported the following. We have noticed this news on the internet a few times today but we found it via Macgeneration first so we […]

Asus P750 Rumour: Handset apparently has VGA resolution touchscreen

The word on the net and what maybe a rumour on some sites and forums is that the ASUS P750 is secretly packing a VGA resolution touchscreen. The monster Asus P750 phone with Windows Mobile 6 Professional and according to a spec sheet reveals a part number which is VGA/QVGA dual viewing mode. So this […]

Rumour Alert: Apple may release new Infineon powered 3G iPhone

Oh yes is this another press release rumour? Well all we know is that Apple may possibly be releasing a brand new Apple iPhone sometime this year that will feature 3G, yes a3G Apple iPhone people. It is also rumoured that Infineon may be the ones who will build the chips for the iPhone as […]