Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update confirmed with release date

Jelly bean confirmed

Currently there are many Android smartphones that are still waiting for the upgrade to the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, but as expected Google has announced the next version, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and we also have a release date for the new OS. The Google I/O event begun earlier today and we have already […]

One Cent Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus via Amazon Wireless

One Cent Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus via Amazon Wireless

When new smartphones are released early adopters to the hardware don’t mind paying the full price for the handset, which can quite often run into hundreds of dollars, but today we can tell you about the one Cent Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus via Amazon Wireless. At the moment you can get one of the best […]

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus problems via GottaBeMobile


It’s fair to say that when the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone was released towards the end of last year it was one of the most highly awaited phones of the year, running on the latest Android 4.0 ICS operating system. Although it remains a hugely popular handset there have been some concerns and today we […]

5 UK Samsung Galaxy Nexus accessories to choose

5 UK Samsung Galaxy Nexus accessories to choose

If you happen to own a Samsung Galaxy Nexus here in the United Kingdom, you probably know that thus far Galaxy Nexus accessories have been somewhat lacking, in fact there haven’t been any Galaxy Nexus accessories available. However after 5-months of waiting, it appears the Samsung Galaxy Nexus accessories have started arriving in the UK. […]

Quick Sprint Galaxy Nexus update to fix data problem rolling out


If you’re a brand-new owner of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Sprint you may be one of the unfortunate customers who have had a problem with 3G connection. A few days ago we discussed the issue that was being widely reported on forums by new owners and told how Sprint planned to issue an update […]

LG Viper 4G, Optimus S & Galaxy Nexus Sprint details

Sprint Galaxy Nexus

If you are thinking of getting a new smartphone this year on the Android platform you’re going to be spoilt for choice with new hardware becoming available all the time, and today we are looking at the LG Viper 4G, LG Optimus S, and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on the Sprint network. While the carrier […]

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Pong Case improves handset


As well as concerning ourselves with the latest smartphones and apps we like to bring readers news on smartphone accessories and today we have news of a great case for one of the smartphones of the moment, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. This Pong Case doesn’t just look good and keeps your phone protected but actually […]

Sync & charge with Samsung Galaxy Nexus HDMI dock


We don’t just like to keep you informed about new smartphones, tablets and apps here at Phone Review but we also endeavor to bring you details of decent accessories too. If you are a Samsung Galaxy Nexus owner then the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Desktop HDMI Dock may be of interest to you. This HDMI Dock […]

iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus: Distinct Advantages

iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus- Distinct Advantages

When it comes to the iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy Nexus – both are market leaders in mobile phones, so it’s no wonder that these two smartphones are constantly compared to one another. Unfortunately for the Nexus, iPhone essentially invented the modern-day touch-screen smartphone. The first iPhone launched in 2007, and since its presence it […]

Galaxy Nexus signal issue reported after Android 4.0.4 update

Galaxy Nexus signal issue reported after Android 4.0.4 update

The Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system made its debut last year via the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and since then we have only seen a small number of other devices getting the new software. Last week an official Android 4.0.4 update was released for the handset, and since then a signal issue has been reported […]