Barbour Galaxy S3 case review, stylish quality


There will be many of us that decide to purchase some sort of case or bumper for our mobile devices, which can be to offer some protection while personalizing the product. Today we have a Barbour Quilted Galaxy S3 case hands on review that provides stylish quality and protection. I have used a number of […]

Galaxy S3 battery life improvement with best accessories

s3 battery

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been in the headlines a lot recently for all the wrong reasons, but the handset still remains hugely popular and is used by millions of people. Just like any smartphone though as time goes on certain things begin to deteriorate, so today we are looking at Galaxy S3 battery life […]

Gadgeo Galaxy S3 cases review, stylish protection


There are many owners of mobile devices that like to protect their hardware with some sort of case or bumper, and luckily for the consumer there are loads of products available. If you don’t mind spending a reasonable amount on a product you certainly are provided with some that offer a little more quality, and […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Tech 21 Impact Snap Case review


Like many people I have always fitted cases to my mobile devices to hopefully offer some protection if I have the misfortune to drop the device. Usually on my handset I have a cheap plastic bumper case but I have recently been using the Samsung Galaxy S3 Tech 21 Impact Snap Case for a review. […]

Gear 4 Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 cases review, minimal protection

Gear 4 Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 cases review

When it comes to providing a little protection for your Samsung Galaxy S3 or iPhone 5 the best way to achieve this is by using a case. There is a great choice available to you, and while it comes down to personal opinion as to what case you should choose, we thought we would give […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Ballistic SG MAXX case review, outdoor bliss

samsung galaxy s3 ballistic sg maxx case review pic 17

We love reviewing products and today we will be talking a little about the Samsung Galaxy S3 Ballistic SG Maxx series case, this product will appeal to some so please do read on and make up your own mind. The SGS3 is a great smartphone with all the features you would want and then some, […]

Bugatti case review for iPhone 4/4S, Galaxy S3

Bugatti iPhone 4 4S, Galaxy S3 and universal cases

While some people look at their smartphone as a tool to get them through the day, others believe that it’s a fashion accessory. However, because many of them look pretty similar those vain types look for ways to not only show off their handsets, but also look for some protection as well. While we would […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 cases for Halloween

Devil Tongue Stand Halloween Evil Skull Case

We are now reaching the time of year that summer is quickly becoming a distant memory and thoughts are now turning to other upcoming annual events. The end of next month will see many people celebrating Halloween and today for owners of the popular Samsung Galaxy S3 we have some cases that will help you […]

New Samsung Galaxy S3 Kensington Gel Case via Amazon


One of the most popular smartphones of the moment is the Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) and as well as bringing you news on phones and tablets we also like to give readers details about useful accessories. If you have a brand new Galaxy S3 you may want to protect it with a decent case […]

New series of Samsung Galaxy S3 cases by Spigen SGP

New series of Samsung Galaxy S3 cases by Spigen SGP

If you are now the proud owner of the latest Android smartphone out of the Samsung camp, the Samsung Galaxy S3, you will no doubt want to keep your sparkling new handset in its original pristine condition, and protect it from all the nasty bumps and scratches of everyday use. So with that thought in […]