Samsung Galaxy Star review is not so bad


Although high-end smartphones are always extremely popular, there is still a huge market for more affordable devices, and the Samsung Galaxy Star is a device that could suit many people on a budget. The low-end phone released two months ago, and we’ve taken a look at a Samsung Galaxy Star review that showed it to […]

Samsung Galaxy Star expectations review

Samsung Galaxy Star expectations review

While Samsung is famous for its high end flagship smartphones the company also has quite a large range of more affordable Android handsets to choose from, and many of these are ideal for consumers who are looking to get their first smartphone. Today we have an expectations review of the Samsung Galaxy Star for you […]

Samsung Galaxy Star vs Nokia Asha 501 for budgeters

Samsung Galaxy Star vs Nokia Asha 501 for budgeters

Two phones worth putting side-by-side for the Indian market and those on a budget have to be the Samsung Galaxy Star and the Nokia Asha 501 priced around Rs 5,240 and Rs 5,400, respectively. The Nokia Asha 501 is a little stunner and comes with reasonable specs, there are a few that would say you […]

Samsung Galaxy Star low-end release for April


We always try to bring news of all the latest smartphones and inevitably we get pretty excited by the top-end devices and what they have to offer. However we do try to remember that not everybody needs an all-singing, all-dancing mobile device and plenty of consumers want something more affordable. Meet the Samsung Galaxy Star, […]

Samsung unofficial devices, six revealed by benchmarks


Although a lot of attention is already being placed on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 smartphones, due for release this year, we shouldn’t forget other devices that Samsung will be bringing to the table. We now have some details for you from GL benchmarks that give some core specs about six upcoming […]