Samsung Galaxy S7 firmware news backs up early release rumors

Samsung Galaxy S7 firmware news

The Samsung Galaxy S6 was announced in March and released in April this year. However, for some months there have been rumors that the successor to this flagship will see an earlier than usual release next year. Now Samsung Galaxy S7 firmware news back up these early release rumors. It was in September that we […]

Samsung Galaxy E7 receiving Android 5.1.1 Lollipop update in India

Samsung Galaxy E7 Android 5.1.1 update

One of the things that we most enjoy at Phones Review is being able to tell readers about new software updates for their smartphones or tablets. If you have the Samsung Galaxy E7 and are one of our many readers in India, today’s news is for you as the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop update has arrived. […]

Samsung Galaxy View WiFi now on sale in US

Samsung Galaxy View on sale in US

At the end of October Samsung finally made its much-hyped Galaxy View tablet official. This tablet may not have the most top-flight specs, but what it does have is a massive 18.4-inch display and that’s its major point of interest. The Samsung Galaxy View WiFi model has now arrived for sale in the US, with […]

Potential Samsung Galaxy Golden 3 specs from certification

Potential Samsung Galaxy Golden 3 specs

Last month we informed readers about a benchmark spot of a device thought to be the Samsung Galaxy Golden 3. It turned up with model number SM-W2016 and the benchmark appearance revealed some specs of the device. Now potential Samsung Galaxy Golden 3 specs have shown up again, this time from the certification process. The […]

Samsung top phones with $100 price savings at T-Mobile now

Samsung top phpones with $100 price savings

It’s that time of year again, and as the holiday season gets closer hype is growing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. In fact some retailers are not even waiting for the traditional time and are launching offers early, and one of those is T-Mobile. Some of Samsung’s top phones are now available with […]

Samsung Galaxy J7 vs Galaxy On7

Samsung Galaxy J7 vs Galaxy On7

We’ve received many comments from readers asking about the differences between the Samsung Galaxy J7 that released back in the summer and the Galaxy On7 that has just launched in India. Therefore we’ve come up with our Samsung Galaxy J7 vs Galaxy On7 specs and price comparison, where the price difference could be the decider. […]

Samsung Galaxy A9 specs leak shows a 6-inch display

samsung logo

Remember when Samsung said they would cut back on their product lines in the smartphone world? Well, that didn’t happen, and new Samsung Galaxy A9 specs have surfaced to give us another clue about one of Samsung’s unannounced smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy J2 battery life performance compared

Samsung Galaxy J2 battery life performance b

The Samsung Galaxy J2 is an affordable addition to the smartphone market and launched in India in September. If you are a frequent user of your smartphone, battery life is something you should consider. With this in mind we’re looking at Samsung Galaxy J2 battery life performance and how it compares with numerous other smartphones. […]

Samsung Galaxy J3 nears launch and images revealed

Samsung Galaxy J3 nears launch

Increasing amounts of leaks about the Samsung Galaxy J3 smartphone imply that it’s just around the corner. After recently reporting that the phone had passed through the FCC, the Samsung Galaxy J3 is nearer to a launch following further certification spots. One of these also provided some images of the device. We’ve already seen the […]

iPhone 6S price below $100 leaks for November 14 sale

iPhone 6S price below $100

With Black Friday coming up we’ll be seeing some great deals on all kinds of mobile devices, but if you are thinking of purchasing the iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, Galaxy S6 or Galaxy Note 5 there are offers coming sooner. A deal with an iPhone 6S price below $100 has leaked for a one-day break […]