Capacitive touch screen control chip announced by Samsung

Capacitive touch screen control chip announced by Samsung

Samsung has now introduced the “world’s first mobile display driver IC with embedded touchscreen control functionality” according to newswire. Samsung’s new single chip based on Touch Embedded DDI tech will sport a capacitive touch screen control function which should enable mobile phone manufacturers to design slimmer handsets, and will initially be used in mobile phones, […]

First 4G WiMAX Android smartphone 2010 launch by Sprint


T-Mobile will soon be launching the Motorola Cliq and is already home to two very distinct Android handsets. The T-Mobile GI and the T-Mobile myTouch3G. It is expected that Sprint will be going live next month with the HTC Hero and Verizon is also expected to welcome the Motorola Sholes to its network in October. […]

Samsung Galaxy i7500: Go to O2 and learn a little more


It has been something of a long wait, but its finally happened the Galaxy i7500 Samsung’s debut Android handset has landed in the UK. It is late as we were expecting this in June, you can now buy the Galaxy as predicted on 02 on a range of different tariffs including 18 – 24 month […]

Is the new Samsung B7330 OmniaPRO similar to B7320?


Great news as Samsung introduce their latest Windows Mobile smartphone the Samsung B7330 OmniaPro. This announcement has come as a bit of a surprise as the original B7320 OmniaPro was presented just three months ago and there is very little different between the two. Therefore the B7330 should not be considered as a successor of […]

$100 or less for new Android Phone, economy at its best


This is not really a shock to the system to us as we know that Samsung recently launched the Samsung Galaxy. So the fact that Samsung continue to dabble with Android is no surprise. But did you know that Samsung are about to release a sub $100 Android phone? I think not. Not according to […]

Hands-on review with the Samsung Omnia II


Samsung recently took on the WinMo skinning game with the Omnia, and apparently it seems was extremely successful. Arguably the TouchWiz is the best overlay this side of TouchFLO and comes complete with customizable widgets and offers users a lot more control. The OmniaPRO was where we first saw the TouchWiz and now we have […]

Samsung GT-i5700 aka Galaxy Lite in the works


Certification bodies we all know about them, and that they exist for a reason, so what would we do without them? It’s thanks to them that our devices work efficiently and properly and every now and again we catch a glimpse of some upcoming phone information. An unknown Samsung handset has been spotted at Wi-Fi […]

Samsung announce 2nd quarter results of 32.51 trillion won

Samsung announce 2nd quarter results of 32.51 trillion won

Samsung Electronics has announced revenues of 32.51 trillion Korean won for the 2nd quarter ended June 30th 09 which is an 11.7% increase year on year while consolidated operating profit for the 2nd quarter was 2.52 trillion won a 5% increase year on year. Furthermore, Samsung announced they will adopt the International Financial Reporting Standards […]

Samsung and Intrinsity announce Hummingbird Processor

Samsung and Intrinsity announce Hummingbird Processor

Samsung and Intrinsity have partnered to announce the fastest ARM Cortex A8 processor which uses 45 nm low power and low leakage process tech and is known as Hummingbird which delivers 2000DMIPS at 1GHz, reports newswire. The new ARM processor is almost twice as fast and the iPhone 3GS and is extremely efficient and can […]

T-Mobile gains Samsung Highlight at $149.99

T-Mobile gains Samsung Highlight at $149.99

The Samsung Highlight is now official with T-Mobile and the guys over at engadget mobile have spent some time with the T-Mobile branded Samsung Highlight and have given the handset the once over with several photos. The Samsung Highlight sits at the bottom end of the smartphone range but does pack some impressive specs such […]