Samsung Galaxy S6 features may have leaked through Samsung Norway

samsung galaxy s6

Another day, another Samsung Galaxy S6 leak. A lot of folks already have their calendars marked for Samsung’s big reveal, and we’re pretty sure we know what it will have under the hood already. It’s always nice to have a bit of confirmation, and we may have just gotten that from Samsung Norway.

Samsung Galaxy S6 said to sport a 16MP Sony IMX240 sensor

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Unless the world comes to an end before March rolls around, Samsung is going to drop the Samsung Galaxy S6 next month. As we get close to its release, we’re seeing all sorts of leaks, and most have been positive. This next one may not please photo fanatics as the Samsung Galaxy S6 may have a smaller sensor than we thought.

Galaxy S6 case orders may have tipped the release date

Itskins Galaxy S6 case

The weekends are generally a little slow in the smartphone world, but that’s not the case as we creep closer to MWC in Barcelona. That means it’s time for another Samsung Galaxy S6 rumor, and this time around it involves accessories. Some new Galaxy S6 cases have gone up for pre-order, and their shipping date may have just tipped us off to the Galaxy S6 release date.

New High-End Samsung SM-G930 rumored to be on the way


It’s no secret that Samsung will roll out at least four big devices this year with the Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5, and their edged variants. We’re used to seeing a slew of midrange handsets as well, but a new rumor suggests the Samsung SM-G930 may be something special.

Galaxy Tab S 2 specifications show new display sizes and updated processors

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 7 vs HTC One M9

Last week we told you the next-generation of the Galaxy Tab S lineup was in the works. We expected to learn more about the upcoming slates in the coming months, but today we got the specifications for two new tablets.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active India price and release revealed

samsung galaxy tab active

Tough tablets are big business, and they are handy devices to have regardless of where you reside. Not everyone needs a tablet that can take a tumble, but if you’re looking for one in India, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active release has just been announced for the region.

Samsung Galaxy S6 wireless charging rumors arise

Samsung Galaxy S6 display size b

Earlier today, we told you about the rumored Samsung Galaxy S6 release date, and now we’re back with another juicy bit of news. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to arrive with a brand new design, and a new rumor suggests that won’t be the only “new” thing about the S6 as it may have wireless charging out of the box.

Samsung Galaxy S6 release date tipped for the end of March

Samsung Galaxy S6

It’s no surprise that Sammy is set to unveil its latest flagship next month at MWC, but the actual Samsung Galaxy S6 release date is still up in the air. One of the many Galaxy S6 rumors we’ve come across today involves that launch date, and it’s thought to come right around the end of March.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge gets Benchmarked at AnTuTu

galaxy s6 edge benchmarks

The world is still spinning today, and Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors and leaks are still pouring in. We have covered the specs countless times ahead of the official launch next month, but today we possibly got some proof thanks to some new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge benchmarks.

Galaxy S6 Edge confirmed through leaked SAR rating and Product Pages

Samsung Galaxy S6 display size b

It’s hard to tell where smartphone leaks originate from these days, as even manufactures tend to “slip” up before a new product is revealed. Samsung is a major player in the tech world, and they’ve just confirmed the Galaxy S Edge and the Galaxy S6 well ahead of launch.