STRaND-1 smartphone nanosatellite, scream in space countdown

STRaND-1 smartphone nanosatellite, scream in space countdown

Probably the most famous line from the opening of 1979 science fiction smash hit Alien, was the line…in space no one can here you scream. However obviously no one really knows if that saying is correct, but it appears that someone is about to find out, and that someone is Cambridge University Spaceflight. According to […]

Earthmate app is perfect satellite communicator

earthmate app

Here on Phones Review we like to provide our readers a variety of different applications that they can download to their mobile devices, and today we have news of the Earthmate app that is the perfect satellite communicator and is also available for the Android and iOS platforms. The application will pair your mobile device […]

Mobile TV who will show the Olympics

Mobile TV

Senior production manager of T-Mobile’s mobile TV division, Phil Lehmann has stated the Olympic Games in 2012 will “do for mobile TV what the Coronation did for early television.” In the meantime, MNO’s are debating and deciding which mobile TV technology they should back, part of said tech decision could be finalized next month with […]