Turing Phone pre-orders kick off on July 31st


We told you about the exotic Turing phone back in April, but we weren’t sure when you would be able to order one. Well, that’s been answered today as Turing Phone pre-orders begin on July 31st.

The Turing Phone has strong encryption and exotic alloys

turing phone

We’ve talked about security issues on mobiles countless times over the years, and last year we even covered a device built to combat that with the Blackphone. Now, we’re going to take a look at another stealthy handset called the Turing phone.

Blackphone 2 specs revealed at MWC 2015

blackphone 2

The folks behind Blackphone made a splash last year with their secure smartphone, and they are back at it again for MWC. The Blackphone 2 has been revealed, and the company has updated the handset to give it plenty of power for 2015.

Lenovo gearing up to release the Lenovo Cloud Camera

lenovo cloud camera

Dropcam has done pretty well for themselves, and their little cameras are now found all over the globe. It looks like Lenovo is getting ready to enter the same cloud-based space as a new gadget dubbed the Lenovo Cloud Camera has just made its way through the FCC.

A High-End Blackphone Tablet is in the works

blackphone tablet

The Blackphone is one of the cooler devices out there, especially if you’re concerned about privacy on your handset. If you’re one of those folks, you’ll be interested to know that the company is bringing their tech to slates with the upcoming Blackphone tablet.

Mobile phones not allowed on flights from UK to USA

Mobile phones now allowed on flights from UK to USA

In the last few days there has been a significant development for air travel that is causing a certain amount of consternation among travellers. In new airport security changes, some mobile phones are not allowed on flights from UK to USA, specifically those mobile phones with a dead battery. This has led to concerns that […]

Could iPhones be more data secure than Androids?

Could iPhones be more data secure than Androids?

Currently the mobile technology world has been highlighting the fundamental security advantages iPhones have over other Smartphone models. This came about after recent media attention concerning the data protection risks mobile phones pose now forensic recovery software is available to the general public. Earlier in February Channel 4’s Data Baby launched this concern into the […]

Google login change after SlickLogin buyout

Google Login could change after SlickLogin buyout

Many Google users use the one page login process to access their Gmail, Google+ and so much more, it was not long ago that Google decided to redesign its login page, which is brilliant and much easier than before. However, things are likely to change again after the Google / SlickLogin buyout. We like the […]

AMC 4.0 Android app provides comprehensive security

AMC 4.0 Android app provides comprehensive security

IObit released the AMC (Advanced Mobile Care) 4.0 Android app update not so long ago, and even though it provides comprehensive security as much more a few users are not happy. Overall the application is stunning and works wonders, but a select few have issues. The update provided 20 embedded improvements, this now brings new […]

Snapchat hacked prompts vulnerability and Facebook questioning

Snapchat hacked shows vulnerability and Facebook save

The popular photo sharing Snapchat app was hacked not so ling ago leaving 4.6 million accounts vulnerable, hackers were able to download phone numbers and usernames and this is a complete worry leaving the developers no choice but to release a new app update. The hacked Snapchat seems to be all ok at the moment […]