Nokia Lumia 520 Cortana vs iPhone 5S Siri comparison review

vs siri

It is not unusual for smartphone manufacturers to provide their products with a feature that is similar to what is found on rival handset, and today we have a Nokia Lumia 520 Cortana vs. iPhone 5S Siri comparison. Apple has had Siri for a long while now but this year Microsoft introduced the Cortana voice […]

BBM to take on Google Voice app and Siri

BBM to take on Google Voice app and Siri

Mobile users now have access to a number of different ways to communicate with their friends or family with apps available from a number of different companies, and BBM looks set to take on the likes of the Google Voice app and Siri. Since the BBM app was released for the likes of iPhone and […]

Marissa Mayer Yahoo Siri-like voice assistant app video is real

Marissa Mayer Yahoo Siri-like voice assistant app video is real

Looks like Marissa Mayer will be releasing a new Siri-like voice assistant app with new innovative technology, a new Daily Motion videos was released but has since been pulled after showing this app in all its glory. Apple as we know has Siri, Google has Google Now, Microsoft is apparently going to add Cortana voice […]

Android 4.3 voice search vs iOS 7 Siri, video compares


Following the public release of iOS 7 last week, Apple iOS device users have had a chance to get used to the updated operating system. Android users have their own version of Siri in the form of voice search, and today we have an Android 4.3 voice search vs. iOS 7 Siri video to show […]

Microsoft Cortana to rival Siri on WP8.1


While there were already Android apps already available that offered a slightly similar experience, Apple’s personal assistant feature that was launched on the iPhone 4S triggered the appeal for such features on our mobile devices. Now an offering from Microsoft is in the works called Cortana that will rival Siri for WP8.1 devices. The Windows […]

iOS 7 in-car Siri and Apple Maps integration reported


We’re getting closer to Apple’s WWDC 2013 event and greatly anticipating the introduction of iOS 7 there. We’ve been detailing, wishes, insights, leaks and rumors about iOS 7 and have now heard about some new features that are claimed to be incorporated in the next major upgrade to Apple’s iOS. It has been reported that […]

Google Now for iPhone and iPad hits, move over Siri

Google Now for iPhone and iPad released

While Apple and Google are fierce rivals in the smartphone world as the two companies try and make their mobile operating system number one, they still do some good work together with the search engine giant providing iOS users a number of apps. Now today we can tell you the news that Google Now for […]

Siri keeping users secrets for years

Siri keeps secrets

With the modern digital age it has meant more of our personal information is stored in a variety of locations that we don’t have much control over, and now it has emerged that Siri is storing user’s secrets for years. Apple introduced its Siri voice assistant feature with the launch of the iPhone 4S, but […]

New lock screen flaw affecting iPhone 4/4S with iOS 6.1.3

New iPhone lock screen bug found since iOS 6.1.3 update

There doesn’t seem that a day goes by without someone finding an issue with one of the handsets that are widely used, and now we have news of a new lock screen flaw affecting the iPhone 4/4S since the iOS 6.1.3 update. Apple recently released iOS 6.1.3 to fix a similar issue but already a […]

Siri for Android almost done deal before Apple had it

Siri for Android was almost a done deal before Apple

Back in 2011 when Apple unveiled the iPhone 4S one of the main standout features of the smartphone was the Siri personal assistant feature. There were already a number of similar applications, but arguably not so good, for Android users. Now reports are suggesting that Siri for Android was almost a done deal before Apple […]