Upcoming Samsung Galaxy A8 rumored to rock a fingerprint scanner


We first learned of Samsung’s new metal-clad A series late last year, and we’ve seen three devices roll out thus far. Many assumed they were done with the Galaxy A lineup for 2015, but that doesn’t seem to be the case as the Samsung Galaxy A8 has just appeared online.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active specs include a QHD display

samsung galaxy s6 active

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Active can’t seem to keep itself out of the rumor mill. Last week, we got a look at the rough and tumble smartphone, and now we are able to confirm an important detail regarding the Galaxy S6 Active specs.

LeTV Max price announced as pre-orders begin

LeTv Max

Remember those slim-bezeled smartphones from LeTV we told you about last month? Well, one of them is getting ready for primetime, and if you’re in the market for a large handset, the LeTV Max may be just the thing for you.

The Siswood R9 Darkmoon comes with an e-ink display

siswood r9 darkwood

The YotaPhone wasn’t a beast under the hood, but it impressed us with its rear e-ink display. We wondered when another company would take a crack at niche, and Siswood looks to be the first with the upcoming Siswood R9 Darkmoon.

The mid-range Oppo Neo 5s gets listed at €160

Oppo Neo 5s

The Oppo R7 will be one of the company’s flashier handsets of 2015, but it isn’t the only device they will release. The Oppo Neo 5s is one of many smartphone’s headed our way from Oppo, and it has just shown up online with mid-range specs.

Sony Lavender photos reveal a slim new design

sony lavender

It’s no secret that Sony has a few other devices in the works aside from the underwhelming Xperia Z4. One of them has just made an appearance online through a new photo leak, and it’s dubbed the Sony Lavender.

Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man edition teased ahead of launch

galaxy s6 edge iron man edition

The Avengers: Age of Ultron has been another rousing success for the folks at Marvel, and along with it comes boatloads of cash. Well, they are going to have some more money coming their way soon as Samsung has just teased us with the first glimpse of the Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man edition smartphone.

Huawei Mate 8 specs leak points towards 2K Display

huawei mate 8

Huawei has been on a tear lately, and it’s hard to keep up with all their recently released and unannounced handsets. A device dubbed the Huawei Mate 8 was hinted at in leak last week, and today we got a good look at the sleek smartphone.

Oppo R7 Plus specs appear alongside new renders

Oppo R7 Plus

It’s been gone through the rumor mill countless times, and over the past couple of weeks, things have even got official. The device we’re talking about is the Oppo R7, which has appeared again today in new images alongside the Oppo R7 Plus specs.

ZTE Xiao Xian 2 announced with Fingerprint scanner and $144 price tag


Every summer, we see smartphone manufacturers pull out all the stops with pricing and perks. In China, the battle is more fierce than anywhere, and ZTE is getting ready to shake things up. The company has announced a new handset for the region and it sports a fingerprint scanner to go along with a very low price tag.