The Lenovo P70 specs show a massive battery with 46 days battery life

Lenovo P70t

Yesterday, we briefly talked about the oddly named Lenovo Fancy Maker line and today we’ve gotten word on a new handset from the company. It’s called the Lenovo P70t, and it is a handset you may want to consider if you dig long-lasting batteries.

New Sony Xperia Z4 leak is part of the massive Sony Hack

sony xperia z4 leak

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the insanely massive Sony hack over the Franco and Rogan movie, The Interview. As most of you know, Sony makes all sorts of things and out of that big hack comes a new Sony Xperia Z4 leak. Ready to take a look at what may be the first Sony Xperia Z4 photo?

BLU releases the 7-inch BLU Studio 7.0 for $149 unlocked

Blu Studio 7.0

We’ve seen plenty of phablet-sized smartphones this year, and even a handful of tablets with voice-calling capabilities. We haven’t seen anything quite like the new BLU Studio 7.0 though, and we’re guessing you haven’t either…

Sharp makes things official for the Aquos Crystal X

sharp aquos crystal x

Sharp surprised a lot of us when the showed off the Aquos Crystal and its super slim bezels. They did it again by actually bringing the device to the states back in October. A few days ago, they made things official for the souped up version of the Crystal, so now we’re going to take a look at the Sharp Aquos Crystal X.

The Lava Iris Fuel 60 is coming to India for Rs. 8,888

Lava Iris Fuel 50

Lava has been relatively quiet in the latter half of the year, but they’ve just revealed a new smartphone in their Fuel lineup with the Lava Iris Fuel 60. We covered the previous model back in November, and now we’re going to take a look at how the two handsets stack up against each other.

The Elephone P5000 specs have finally been revealed

elephone P5000

Back in November, we told you about the Elephone P500. The device was tipped to have a huge battery, and the company decided to let their fans help decide the rest of the specifications. Well, the cat is out of its bag, as we now know the official Elephone P500 specs.

The Microsoft Lumia 435 pays a visit to the FCC

microsoft logo

The Lumia range has generally been popular, and it looks like we’ve got a new device from that lineup headed our way. It’s called the Microsoft Lumia 435, and it has recently made a trip though the hallowed halls of the FCC.

The Sony Xperia E4 leaks ahead of rumored MWC reveal

Sony Xperia E4

Sony’s Xperia Z line isn’t cheap, but they are quality handsets that have gained a lot of fans over the years. If you like Sony’s design, but can’t shell out top dollar for their Xperia Z lineup, you may be interested in the new Sony Xperia E4 leak that’s just hit the web.

Xolo Q900s Plus specs and price listed for India

Xolo Q900s plus

A lot of companies “claim” to have the thinnest smartphone on the planet or tablets that are lighter than air. Even when it’s true, those records can fall rather quickly when smartphone manufacturers try to outdo themselves. Xolo has just unveiled a new handset and have given it the title of the “World Lightest Phone.” Ready to meet the Xolo Q900s Plus?

Huawei Ascend Mate Monarch price announced at $710

Huawei Ascend Mate Monarch

Can you name all the phones in Huawei’s Ascend Mate lineup? Most folks would have a hard time with that, and that lineup has just grown by one. The Huawei Ascend Mate Monarch is the latest device to be announced by the company, and it’s also one of their most expensive handsets to date.