Amazon Ear Scanning Tech allows your handset with your Ear

amazon logo

Remember the good old days when unlocking your smartphone was as simple as hitting the power button? Fingerprint scanners are the new trend, but Amazon may hope to change that. They aren’t going for your eyeballs either as the company has its sights set on your earlobes.

InFocus 350 announced for India through Snapdeal

InFocus M350

InFocus’s M series covers a lot of ground, and a few days ago the latest smartphone in the line was announced. It’s called the InFocus M350, and it’s coming to India next week as a Snapdeal exclusive.

Wickedleak Wammy Note 4 release date set for June 15

wickedleak wammy note 4

The Wickedleak Wammy Note 3 was released in the latter half of last year, and we assumed we would see a follow-up eventually. The Wickedleak Wammy Note 4 is set to hit the streets next week, and we’re going to give you the scoop on Wammy Note 4 specifications.

OnePlus Two specs reveal a powerful sequel

OnePlus has been teasing the OnePlus Two, and we all know it’s going to arrive sooner than later. We still don’t know when that might be, but a new report has just given us details on the OnePlus Two specs and its potential price.

A BlackBerry Android smartphone may soon be in the works

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It’s no secret BlackBerry has had a tough road over the past few years. A BlackBerry Android smartphone could be the thing to turn the company’s fortunes around, and a new report suggests one may be in the works.

BLU announces the Blu Life One and Blu Live 8 XL for the US

blu live 8 XL

BLU has announced two new handsets for consumption in the US today. They are the Blu Life One (2015) and the Blu Live 8 XL, and both offer up mid-range specs for a rock bottom price.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 features may include Type-C port

samsung logo

Remember how much time we spent with those Galaxy S6 rumors? Well, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is going to make those look tame. We’ve seen a number of big rumors arise over the past few weeks, and today we’re getting another dose involving some new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 features.

ZTE Star 3 rumored to rock a 5.5-inch 4K display

ZTE STar 3

Remember when people scoffed at the notion of 2K displays? Well, that’s not the case anymore, but consumers may get to gripe about the ZTE Star 3 release soon as the handset is tipped to come with a 4K display.

Archos 50 Helium Plus and 55 Helium Plus announced for a July release

archos 50 helium plus

Out of the blue today, Archos has decided to announce two new smartphone to the world with the Archos 50 Helium Plus and the Archos 55 Helium Plus. As their names imply, they share numerous similarities.

BlackBerry Oslo photos give us a new look at the handset

blackberry oslo

In April, a new photo showed up to give us our first look at the BlackBerry Oslo. The rumor mill has been quite ever since, but today we’re getting another look at the handset along with some new information that touches on the BlackBerry Oslo specs.