The Turing Phone has strong encryption and exotic alloys

turing phone

We’ve talked about security issues on mobiles countless times over the years, and last year we even covered a device built to combat that with the Blackphone. Now, we’re going to take a look at another stealthy handset called the Turing phone.

OnePlus and Maxis partnership brings the OnePlus One to retail

OnePlus Malaysia

If you know about the OnePlus One, you already know about the company’s bizarre invite system. Many of us weren’t fans, and had hoped that the company would revamp their strategy for the OnePlus Two release. While we’re still not sure about that, they have made a major leap forward by inking a deal with Maxis that will put the OnePlus One in retail shops for the first time.

Intex Cloud M6 announced at Rs. 5,699

If you reside in the West, you may not be familiar with Intex, but they’ve been cranking out tech since the 90s. They have put a lot of smartphones into consumers’ pockets in India, and they’ve just launched a new one dubbed the Intex Cloud M6.

New Google Wireless Service is coming soon

google logo

Google has been rumored to have a wireless service in the works for quite some time, and the wait may finally be over. A new report suggests Google will make an announcement very soon, and the only thing on the agenda will be Google’s wireless service for the US. The Wall Street Journal is reporting […]

Moto E 2nd gen 4G LTE India release launching through Flipkart

Moto E 2nd gen 4G LTE India

Depending on which region you reside, the Moto E 2nd gen 4G LTE may have already made its way through your locale. If you live in India, that hasn’t been the case, but that changed today as the Moto E 2nd gen India release has arrived courtesy of Flipkart.

The Lava Iris 370 gets listed with a Rs. 3,599 price tag

lava iris 370

We hardly see a few weeks go by that Lava doesn’t announce a new smartphone, and this week is no different. A new smartphone from the company called the Lava Iris 370 has just been spotted online, and it comes with a rock bottom price tag of Rs. 3,599.

Karbonn Alfa A120 price and specs listed for India

Karbonn Alfa A120

Karbonn has just announced a new handset bound for India today with the Karbonn Alfa A120. The Karbonn Alfa A120 price is listed at Rs. 4,590, which means it is a budget smartphone, but it has a few features that help it differentiate itself from the mid-range competition.

The LG G Flex 2 is headed to AT&T on April 24

LG G Flex 2 UK pre-orders b

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about the sleek Galaxy S6 Edge and devices like the upcoming LG G4. One device that has slid under the radar somewhat is getting ready to come to AT&T in the states, and is well worth a look if you are in need of a flagship. It’s the LG G Flex 2, and it’s headed to AT&T on April 24th.

LG G4 release date date confirmed for South Korea

LG G4 stylus

The LG G4 is one of the last big flagships set to debut this year, and while we know it’s coming, many of the regional LG G4 release dates are still up in the air. As we get closer to launch, we expect more details to emerge, but today one piece of the puzzle was solved as the LG G4 release date for South Korea was officially announced.

The LG G4 gets photographed with a new 64-bit processor

LG G4 Snapdragon 808

LG is one of the few major manufacturers that has yet to unveil their flagship for 2015, but we don’t have much longer to wait. That said, the leaks aren’t going to stop and a new one confirms a previous rumor regarding the LG G4 specs.