Twitter Periscope App launched for iOS

periscope ios app

There was a time when YouTube was something of a novelty, and not nearly the juggernaut it is today. Mobile video is beyond popular, and live video streaming is gearing up to become its own behemoth as more folks get into streaming live content from their mobiles. Twitter’s gone all-in on live-streaming, and they’ve just launched the Twitter Periscope app for iOS.

LINE messaging app update brings changes

LINE messaging app update

We like to bring readers news about popular new apps or updates for existing apps and now the LINE messaging app has received an update bringing changes and improvements. This is an iOS app and the LINE update brings some significant upgrades to the service. The LINE app was developed by Naver Japan and the […]

Telegram app for Android and iOS attracts interest

Telegram app for Android and iOS

There’s huge popularity right now for mobile messaging services and social networks are abuzz with talk of a recent arrival in the form of the Telegram Messenger app. While there may be plenty of other messaging apps available, the Telegram app for Android and iOS devices is attracting plenty of interest. Messaging apps such as […]

WeChat app surges in popularity and expands to India


We enjoy bringing readers news of popular apps and at the moment the WeChat app is seeing a surge in popularity. It’s available on Android and iOS and has also been made official in India too, bringing the potential of a huge new audience. Messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Viber are already extremely popular […]

Ensuring Better Website Exposure with Chatwing Chat Networks

Ensuring Better Website Exposure with Chatwing Chat Networks

Nowadays, website exposure is as crucial as money. In fact, website exposure can help you gain lots of money if your online strategy is efficient. There are many ways to increase website exposure—some of these are paid services which are effective, and most are freemium-based services. If you are aiming for efficient website exposure in […]

Google+ app update adds Snapseed editing & more control

Google+ app update adds Snapseed editing and more control

If you are using the Google+ app on your iOS or Android device then we suggest you update the app today. The app has now been updated with new features and the main areas of interest include profiles, communities, photos and posts. The Google+ iPhone app has a new feature that now adds some Snapseed […]

Negative consequences with social media on your phone

Negative look at social media on your phone

Many of us have used Twitter or Facebook from our phones at least once, in fact 47% now use social media on our phones every day. We are addicted to it and its many benefits: staying in touch with friends and family, or staying abreast of the latest news or memes that are popular in […]

Message Me app & problems finding Facebook friends

Message Me app & problems finding Facebook friends

Facebook is playing God again, Message Me is a relatively new app for both iOS and Android users that allows text messaging, exchanges and group messaging with friends and family. It was mainly used for Facebook account holders where they could search for friends and message them, up until now that is. There are slight […]

Sony PS4 smartphone integration & socially gaming

Sony PS4 smartphone integration & socially gaming

The Sony event kicks off tonight in New York City at 6PM ET and it will probably have something to do with the Sony PlayStation 4. Normally we do not cover the PS4 but this time we will because in includes smartphone integration and social gaming. Today is the day all will be revealed (Hopefully) […]

Mailbox by Orchestra iPhone app reviews


A couple of days ago we wrote about the new Mailbox by Orchestra iPhone app. This productivity app for iOS devices is a tool to help you organize your email efficiently and although it’s aimed at heavy email users it’s really suitable for everyone who emails. The app is a little unusual in that it […]