The Sharp AQUOS Xx passes through the FCC

sharp aquos xx

Like phones with bezels that are barely there? If so, you probably heard about the Sharp Aquos Crystal or the Sharp Aquos Xx. The recently announced handsets are a sight to behold, and the company’s flagship, the Sharp Aquos Xx has just passed through the FCC.

Sharp Aquos 206SH has 3080 mAh battery for endurance


We’ve previously brought news about Sharp Aquos smartphones and now we have some details for another in the lineup called the Sharp Aquos 206SH. This has a very decently-sized 3080 mAh battery for endurance and looks set for a release in June. Great battery life is a key highlight of the Aquos Phone Xx SoftBank […]

iPhone 5 Heading To Japan On KDDI in 2012

iPhone 5 Heading To Japan On KDDI in 2012

Phones Review Quickie: Well now it appears that Japan’s Softbank who has held exclusivity over the iPhone for the past three years will soon lose that exclusivity, as the latest word is that Japan’s KDDI carrier will offer the iPhone 5 sometime in the first quarter of 2012 via their au service. According to an […]

Sharp AQUOS Phone The Hybrid 007SH, An Android Clamshell

Sharp AQUOS Phone The Hybrid 007SH, An Android Clamshell

Well for starters there are two things one can say about the Sharp AQUOS Phone The Hybrid 007SH handset, first it is the world’s first Android clamshell with 3D and that Sharp has no taste when it comes to naming devices as that is one huge mouthful. According to an article over on Phandroid by […]

Video Commercial: Brad Pitt and Sumo Champ Musashimaru in SoftBank Ad


Well here he is again but this time not staring in movies like Troy or Thelma and Louise, but appearing in yet another commercial for Japanese carrier Softbank. In this commercial he plays a character doing whatever he can to please sumo champ Musashimaru. His sandal snaps and Pitt comes to the rescue. Okay yes […]

Softbank 823SF Tiffany branded diamond encrusted handset for $130,265


For the rich Japanese, Softbank Mobile unveiled a line of luxury mobile phones which have been encrusted with diamonds, and Softbank has said they will sell a limited run of just ten mobile phones each studded with 537 diamonds from Tiffany & Co with a total weight of 18.34 carats. Each Softbank 823SF Tiffany mobile […]

Softbank Sharp Aquos Fulltouch 931SH slider


You may have thought that the HTC Touch HD packed in the pixels, but along comes the Aquos Fulltouch 931SH slider mobile phone from Softbank and Sharp with 1024 x 480 3.8 inch touch-screen, which is virtually the same resolution as a netbook! Apart from the screen, the Aquos Fulltouch 931SH is a fairly solid […]

Apple iPhone 3G winner with Softbank

Apple iPhone 3G winner with Softbank

Softbank president Masayoshi Son loves the Apple iPhone 3G, well of course he does as it’s part thanks to the gorgeous touchscreen smartphone that Softbank’s operating profits reached record highs. Obviously Softbank’s profits were not just to do with the iPhone but it was a major player in them getting there. Softbank reported operating profit […]

Softbank 824SH worlds slimmest waterproof handset?


Softbank, or if you prefer, Sharp, has been flashing off its new Softbank 824SH mobile handset at CEATEC Japan 2008 in Tokyo. The Softbank 824SH lays claim to being the world’s slimmest, and waterproof mobile phone. So here are those all important measurements…W50 x H105 x D15.3mm. Spec wise the Softbank 824SH offers up a […]

Apple iPhone 3G pricing in Japan is Y23,040 Softbank say 7,280 yen monthly charge

apple iphone 3g pricing in japan

Softbank have recently announced their pricing for the Apple iPhone 3G in Japan, they said that they will sell the new iPhone 3G for Y23,040, Softbank also said that the monthly charge for Japanese iPhone users will be 7,280 yen which also includes unlimited data-transmission usage, if subscribers sign up to the plan that allows […]