Minecraft for Raspberry Pi based on Pocket Edition


If you’re a Raspberry Pi enthusiast then you may well be very pleased with news that the hugely popular Minecraft construction game is now available for the platform. The even better news is that the Minecraft: Pi Edition from Mojang is free and while it may not offer everything we’re used to there is a […]

Samsung licensing RIM software or buy out squashed


News has been rife today in relation to Canadian company Research in Motion (RIM) and who is in the running to buy part if not the entire struggling phone maker. Unfortunately despite the company still being valued in the region of $9 billion, in recent months the company have been in dire straits regarding sales […]

HTC Sensation ROM, Sense 3.0 Software Offerings

HTC Sensation ROM, Sense 3.0 Software Offerings

For those out there that have purchased one of the many HTC smartphones to have recently come on the market, you may find your nose put out of joint, by a leak indicating that the HTC Sensation will come to play on the mobile market with the HTC Sense 3.0 software. The HTC Sensation, which […]

Bogus Support Calls Used to Hijack PCs

Bogus Support Calls Used to Hijack PCs

It appears that fraudsters have turned to using bogus support calls to people in an attempt to hijack those people’s computers according to a report by the CEO of Trusteer, apparently using the likes of Microsoft to convince the end user the fraudster is genuine. According to the CEO of Trusteer, Mickey Boodaei, they recently […]

Apple Event News: Major iPhone Firmware 2.1 Update Today


According to InformationWeek there may be the possibility of a major iPhone firmware update today, which has me on the edge of my seat right now. Can we see this update giving us the major fixes we wish for? We all know that the iPhone and indeed the iPhone 3G has given us problems and […]

Does your BlackBerry really need MyCaption Application?

A pretty cool and relatively new application called MyCaption, which is a member of the BlackBerry Alliance, seems to be pretty good. This new application is a brand new way where all you Blackberry users can work with emails on your devices, voice technology on mobile phones has been around for ages so nothing new […]

iPhone Bluescreen of Death: App Installs and Update problems

According to IntoMobile there is something called “Apple Logo Screen of Death” also known as “Bluescreen of Death” (BOD) after iPhone application installations and updates. iPhone problems after problems seem to be looking, what with “The Kill Switch” and lagging problems and now this, apparently there are reports coming in that iPhone’s and indeed iPhone […]

Is Apple iPhone good for Google Android? Yes says CEO Schmidt

The iPhone has been a success even though it has had software problems, but things are getting a little better and because of the success of the iPhone Google seems to have their sights on it. Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt seems to be pretty excited about his very own company’s success for their mobile efforts, […]

iPhone unlocking tool with bug fixes: Zip File downloads

Many of you may have had some troubles jail-breaking and of course unlocking your iPhone 2.0 with Pwnage 2.0. Well there is a new version which we have already told you about that will make things a little easier and of course sort out some of those bugs. This new version will allow you to […]

Will new Apple iPhone 2.0.1 OS Fix bugs in current 2.0 firmware?

iphone firmware update

We all know that the current iPhone 2.0 as some major flaws like freezing devices, prolonged apps opening up etc, you get what I mean. Well you will be happy to know Apple is testing a brand new OS. Apple is testing iPhone 2.0.1 OS which is the all new firmware that they have in […]