Smartphones, tablets blamed for bad PS Vita sales

smartphones and tablets blamed for poor ps vita sales

There’s no doubt that mobile devices are increasingly being used for gaming by many of us, and it seems that’s bad news as far as the success of the Sony PS Vita goes. Smartphones and tablets are now being blamed for bad PS Vita sales and we wonder what readers think about this. The Sony […]

Mobile dreams with Galaxy Note 3 & Xperia PS Vita phone


Although the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Note II) has only been out for a short time many are already looking ahead to the Galaxy Note 3 (Note III). We’ve already posted about what the smartphone might offer but now we’ve come across a new mobile dream for the Galaxy Note 3 that we think our […]

PlayStation Mobile app for Android now available for various devices

PS mobile app

Mobile gaming has been taken to a whole new level in recent years with the advancement in smartphone technology. Bigger screens coupled with bigger memory and more powerful processors has meant gamers have more ways to get their gaming fix while on the go, and now we can tell you that the PlayStation Mobile app […]

Sony PS Vita copycat named Droid X360 runs Android

PS Vita fake

There will have been times that most of us will have seen or heard of some counterfeit or fake goods being sold somewhere, which has quite often been linked to the clothing industry among others. We now have news for you of a Sony PS Vita copycat that is named the Droid X360 that actually […]

PS Vita jealousy as Street Fighter X Tekken to release on iOS first

Tekken X for iOS

Mobile gaming has changed dramatically in recent years thanks to advancement in smartphone technology, and no longer are gamers restricted to a dedicated mobile gaming console or playing games such as Snake on their mobile phone. Big title releases now come to the smartphone platforms, and today we have news of Sony PS Vita jealously […]

Proprietary Sony OS Phone based on PS Vita: Supposedly


We’ve heard of many smartphones over the past week or so that are due to be unveiled at MWC next week and now two new possibilities have come to our attention. It seems that Sony may be working on a proprietary based mobile operating system or could be revealing a Windows Phone handset in Barcelona […]

PS Vita 3G Vodafone UK exclusive deal

PS Vita 3G Vodafone UK exclusive deal main pic

Vodafone UK are exclusively selling the PS Vita 3G gaming device with an attractive price, this is where you can get connected with 3G on the new PlayStation Vita. The Sony PlayStation Vita on Vodafone is now available with 3G-connectivity for £279, and for this price you will also get a PAYG SIM card, free […]