Sony Xperia SP set for Android 4.4 update, and others

Sony details more handsets for Android 4.4 update

A new version of the Android mobile operating system has been released that has left owners of hardware wondering when or even if their device will ever see the new firmware. Some manufacturers have been better than others by providing information on the software, and now we have news that the Sony Xperia SP is […]

Sony Xperia SP Android 4.3 update promising for Xperia Z


If you have a Sony Xperia smartphone and are waiting for the next Android update for your device we have some interesting news today. It looks very much as though the Sony Xperia SP Android 4.3 update could arrive in December, and of course this is a promising sign for owners of other Xperia devices […]

Top 5 Sony Xperia SP accessories

Top 5 Sony Xperia SP accessories

Here are five essential Sony Xperia SP accessories! You all know how this works, so let’s get right into the selections. Below you will read about five accessories for the Sony Xperia SP, we hope you like them. 1. Case-Mate Barely There for Sony Xperia SP Case-Mate have been favourites of mine for a long […]

Sony Xperia SP specs vs iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S4

Sony Xperia SP specs vs iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S4

When looking to purchase a new smartphone if you haven’t got any brand loyalty there can be a bewildering choice of handsets available to purchase, and today we have a slightly different smartphone comparison for you as we are looking at the Sony Xperia SP specs vs iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S4. This comparison may […]

Sony Xperia SP unlocked for US, pre-order now


We’ve been bringing you plenty of news about the Sony Xperia SP smartphone and today we have details on how to get this Android device unlocked in the US. The Xperia SP is now available to pre-order online through Sony’s website and would be a good choice for those on AT&T or T-Mobile. Sony has […]

Sony Xperia SP first UK network release with T-Mobile : UPDATED


If you’re in the UK and waiting for the release of the Sony Xperia SP then there’s good news as the phone is now available on T-Mobile UK. The carrier is the first UK network to launch the Xperia SP although it will also soon arrive with others such as EE, Orange, Vodafone, Three and […]

Sony Xperia SP pre-orders begin in UK and India

SP pre-orders

Away from their flagship smartphone Sony is offering consumers handsets that are at more affordable price levels which is now a growing trend on the Android platform. Today we have news that pre-orders have begun for the Sony Xperia SP in the UK and India. High street retailer Phones 4u has begun taking pre-orders for […]

Sony Xperia SP confirmed for India with price and date

Sony Xperia SP touches down in India with price

Sony has been busy getting both the Xperia Z and Xperia ZL ready for release in various markets around the world, and while the two handsets are currently the flagship offerings from the company there is also the mid-range Sony Xperia SP that has now reached India with a price and release date. The Sony […]

Sony Xperia SP UK carrier availability reaffirms release date

Sony Xperia SP UK carrier availability begins to appear

Currently the Sony Xperia Z is the latest flagship device from the company, but Sony has been busy expanding its product range with a number of slightly lower spec devices, and one such device is the Xperia SP that is now seeing UK carrier availability that reaffirms the handsets release date. The Sony Xperia SP […]

Sony Xperia SP & L should hit UK shelves this month


Two new smartphones, the Sony Xperia SP and the Sony Xperia L were both officially announced in the middle of last month with Sony saying that they would be released from Q2 this year. If you’re thinking of purchasing either of these handsets then you could be forgiven for thinking you may still have to […]