T-Mobile get closer to some iPhone & 4G LTE love

T-Mobile iphone love

There were some concerns surrounding the future of the T-Mobile network after the proposed takeover by AT&T fell through, but the carrier is busy getting ready to offer its customers more, and today we can tell you that T-Mobile are closer to some iPhone and 4G LTE love. It is being reported by All ThingsD […]

Best Buy and T-Mobile slash price of HTC One S

Best buy HTC One S

We all like to get a good deal with most things that we intend to spend our hard earned money on now more than ever, and today we have news of a great smartphone deal for you as Best Buy and T-Mobile have slashed the price of the HTC One S. According to a report […]

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note waiting in the wings: Update

T-Mobile US Galaxy note

Since it was released late last year the Samsung Galaxy Note has proven to be quite successful in terms of sales, and while it may not quite match up with the figures for the Galaxy S2 many consumers like the handset, and today we have news of the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note waiting in the […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 release for US & images of Verizon model

Galaxy S3 confirmed for US plus Verizon images

Early last month Samsung officially revealed for the first time its latest Galaxy smartphone, which was released in certain regions across the world last week. Meanwhile consumers in the US were left wondering when they will see the handset, but Samsung has now confirmed the release of the handset in the US, and some images […]

T-Mobile news reveals Android ICS date for Samsung Galaxy S2

galaxy S2 ics upgrade

While the world has been getting excited about the release of the latest Galaxy S smartphone from Samsung, owners of the older version in the US are still wondering when their handset will be upgraded to the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, but today some news from T-Mobile has revealed the Android ICS arrival […]

T-Mobile USA to possibly acquire MetroPCS

T-Mobile USA to possibly acquire MetroPCS

Well now, I’m sure that everyone knows that AT&T had designed in the past on acquiring T-Mobile USA, a deal that fell through and gave T-Mobile USA a sum of cash along with spectrum, and it appears that T-Mobile USA could be putting that extra cash to use by considering making an acquisition of their […]

Samsung Galaxy S2 Accessories: T-Mobile Monaco battery

Samsung Galaxy S2 Accessories: T-Mobile Monaco battery

All smartphone users could do with more juice from their battery and there are extended batteries about out there that fill that need, and if you own the Samsung Galaxy S2 on the T-Mobile network you might like we have an extended battery for your consideration today called the Monaco Extended High Capacity battery. The […]

Dow Stock 2012 best performance going to AT&T

Dow Stock 2012 best performance going to AT&T

When it comes to best performance one doesn’t instinctively think of AT&T, but apparently the USA’s number two carrier is exceeding in one area and can apparently lay claim to their stock ranking amongst the best performers in the 2012 Dow stocks according to Cramer. According to a report by CNBC, due to the failure […]

T-Mobile USA & AT&T merger application, possible compensation


As the battle of mobile phone sales continue with retailers up until Christmas, a different kind of war is continuing with two of the biggest US carriers, that of T-Mobile USA and that of AT&T. Since March of this year, news has centered on the two in relation to AT&T buying that of T-Mobile USA […]

Smartphone confiscation a UK teenager’s nightmare

Smartphone confiscation a UK teenager’s nightmare

The smartphone has become part of the everyday lives of many from youngsters to teenagers to older users, and most depend on their smartphone throughout the day in one way or another and apparently over here in the UK over 90 percent of teenagers own a mobile phone and apparently if they get out of […]