T-Mobile iPhone customers wanted, the hard sell

iphone t-mobile

Much has been made about it since the device was first released five years ago, but T-Mobile is the only major carrier in the US not to offer its customers the Apple iPhone. While a new model is set to be unveiled later today T-Mobile customers wanted the hard sell for the smartphone. You would […]

T-Mobile HTC One X+ specs to feature quad-core Tegra 3+

T-mobile htc one x

While some of T-Mobile’s customers may pine after the illustrious Apple iPhone, the carrier is starting to offer some worthy alternatives to the device and now the already leaked HTC One X+ specs have been confirmed to feature a quad core Tegra 3+. Last month we reported to you that the carrier could be getting […]

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note release date and price revealed

T-mobilr galaxy note priced and dated

Away from its successful Galaxy S range of handsets Samsung has also seen the Galaxy Note sell quite well with a huge number of owners loving their smartphone tablet crossover. For customers of T-Mobile in the US though the handset has not been available officially until now, as the carrier has now revealed the release […]

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note release gets closer

-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note release gets closer

Samsung has been extremely busy in the last few months launching the Galaxy S3 around the world after some early delays, and now thoughts have been turning to more Galaxy products that are in the pipeline for release in the coming weeks. Meanwhile customers of T-Mobile in the US have been waiting for the availability […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 US carrier availability & Jelly Bean update

US galaxy S3 availablity

The Android platform is currently being dominated by the Samsung Galaxy S3 that has seen record pre-orders for a number of retailers and carriers, but it seems the company has had trouble keeping up with demand and today we are looking at the Samsung Galaxy S3 US carrier availability, as well as the Android 4.1 […]

T-Mobile bound Samsung Galaxy Note evidence mounts

T-Mobile Galaxy Note incoming

The Samsung Galaxy Note has gained many fans since its release that love the smartphone tablet crossover with its large display, but strangely not all carriers currently offer their customers the device, but today we have news that evidence mounts of a T-Mobile bound Samsung Galaxy Note. Earlier this month we reported that an official […]

T-Mobile getting some QWERTY love via Samsung SGH-T699

T-Mobile QWERTY samsung

As smartphones have advanced in recent years the focus has mainly been on larger touchscreen displays with their virtual keyboards, but some consumers still like to own a device that features physical keys, and today we can tell you that T-Mobile is set for some QWERTY love via the upcoming Samsung SGH-T699. There has been […]

T-Mobile get closer to some iPhone & 4G LTE love

T-Mobile iphone love

There were some concerns surrounding the future of the T-Mobile network after the proposed takeover by AT&T fell through, but the carrier is busy getting ready to offer its customers more, and today we can tell you that T-Mobile are closer to some iPhone and 4G LTE love. It is being reported by All ThingsD […]

Best Buy and T-Mobile slash price of HTC One S

Best buy HTC One S

We all like to get a good deal with most things that we intend to spend our hard earned money on now more than ever, and today we have news of a great smartphone deal for you as Best Buy and T-Mobile have slashed the price of the HTC One S. According to a report […]

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note waiting in the wings: Update

T-Mobile US Galaxy note

Since it was released late last year the Samsung Galaxy Note has proven to be quite successful in terms of sales, and while it may not quite match up with the figures for the Galaxy S2 many consumers like the handset, and today we have news of the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note waiting in the […]