T-Mobile G1 Android Phone Update not releasing: Security Issues


Continuing on from my previous post on the T-Mobile G1 RC28 update which can be found (here), it now looks like the distribution of the new RC28 update for the Google Android T-Mobile G1 was intentionally stopped. The reason for halting the RC28 update is because Google confirmed a security issue with the browser which […]

Google Android T-Mobile G1 to hit UK with security trouble


The Google Android T-Mobile G1 smartphone hits UK stores on Thursday, but potential buyer should be made aware that there is a major flaw in the Google phone’s operating system, as I first reported (here). Well, we have more information; it appears this flaw can allow a hacker to install keystroke logging software which would […]

Helping all Sidekick Users: Themes is what you need


Now I just know all you T-Mobile Sidekick owners out there are trying to find a way to trade your current Sidekick for some juicy G1 goodness, and there are many reasons why you should keep your Sidekick, but that G1 still keeps calling you. But don’t worry Sidekickers, all is not lost for CubanitaStylezz, […]

TextLink mobile web service launched by Unwired Appeal


Unwired Appeal has announced the launch of their TextLink mobile web service which guides mobile phones to mobile websites. Users of TextLink simply text the designated TextLink keyword associated with the particular mobile website and the full URL is then transferred back to the mobile phone. VP of sales at Unwired, Stephen Nye, says “A […]

50 Android apps for T-Mobile G1 in UK are ready


T-Mobile has unveiled the first Android applications for the Google Android T-Mobile G1 mobile handset available to download once the Android based mobile phone launches in the UK on October 30th. The first free 50 android apps will be available to download from the Android Market with a promise to cover everything from teaching to […]

China flooding with illegal T-Mobile G1 handsets


Apparently, since the release of the Google Android T-Mobile G1, US ordered G1 handsets have been “pouring into China” illegally according to Chinese IT site DoNews. The word is in Bejing’s Zhongguancun consumer electronics shopping area The Google Android T-Mobile G1 handset is selling for a quite expensive 3,999 remminbi, which is about $584.00. Also […]

T-Mobile G1 updates skips RC28 to RC29?


There are a few out there still waiting for T-Mobile’s RC28 update to hit their Google Android G1, but one lucky reader has beaten all else. A G1-er known as KoSoVaR is sitting quite pretty when they received their over the air update. Apparently, when KoSoVaR rebooted his T-Mobile G1 actually stabilised at RC29. At […]

How to activate T-Mobile G1 from home without contract


There is no real quick way of unlocking your newly purchased T-Mobile G1, but there is a fairly simple way of setting up the Google Android based G1 to do just about everything else other than making phone calls, unless of course a VoIP app much like the iPhone’s suddenly becomes available. To do this […]

Do we really need T-Mobile G1 on-screen QWERTY keyboard?

T-Mobile G1 to get on-screen QWERTY keyboard

We already reported to you earlier about the T-Mobile G1 getting an on-screen QWERTY keyboard (Read here), Yes Android lovers, a virtual on-screen QWERTY keyboard will be launch for the T-Mobile G1 Google phone in the first quarter of 2009. Quick Recap Thanks to Android roadmap you will now be able to do write one-handed […]

HTC T-Mobile Android G1 protection with Clear Armor


Ok, so you have your nice new Google Android HTC T-Mobile G1 handset at last; it looks all new and shiny, and you want to protect your G1 but don’t wish to hide its nice new looks as you really want to show it off. In steps Case-mate with their Clear Armor for HTC G1, […]