T-Mobile Google G1: Google apps top’s Apple

T-Mobile Google G1: Google apps top's Apple

T-Mobile’s Google G1 is officially out on October 22 although T-Mobile has started shipping the android device already in America. The Google android operating systems offers something quite amazing with the ability to easily extend well beyond the core functions of the phone, with the majority of the downloads being free, fast and easily to […]

Samsung T459 Gravity goes with T-Mobile on 17th November


The new Samsung T459 Gravity is to launch with T-Mobile and will be available as of the 17th of November. The Samsung T459 Gravity is a candy-bar design with slide out QWERTY keyboard, and will be available in Lime with Grey and Aqua with White. The Samsung T459 Gravity offers the owner EDGE High-Speed Data, […]

How to track your T-Mobile G1 Phone with UPS when it ships


If you would like to know how to track you new T-Mobile G1 Phone with UPS when it ships then please read on. Before we let you know can we say a big thanks to a member over on the Android Community. Right this is how they say to do it, first of all they […]

T-Mobile G1 Google phone: Beauty from within

T-Mobile G1 Google phone: Beauty from within

Finally the Google G1 is here, if you have pre-ordered your device in the USA on T-Mobile then you should be-able to get it today. If you are pondering if you want to buy the Google G1 here is a brief outline of the phones good and bad bits to help you decide. Firstly if […]

What do you think of my tmobile home: any good?


So let’s take a look at the tmobile @Home service, let’s see if we can work out how good it is. The call rates sound real good, you get a Vtech cordless phone which gives clearer voice calls, and has a greater range than most cordless phones. There is also the Hiport Wireless router that […]

Free wireless Radio Band for mobile phone devices

Free wireless Radio Band for mobile phone devices

Would a mobile device that uses a US radio band (2,155 to 2,175 MHz) with free wireless service cause interference with mobile phones using nearby band? According to the FCC conducted tests the analysis shows that an AWS-1 and AWS-3 device operating in close proximity does not necessarily result in interference. T-Mobile was not happy […]

FCC tells T-Mobile free internet will not be a risk


An engineering report released by the FCC could open the door for the FCC to assign a piece of wireless spectrum aside for free internet services. According to FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, some spectrum is required to be reserved for free broadband services and it would be a lifeline broadband service for lower income people […]

Sales War: T-Mobile G1 Android, BlackBerry Storm & Apple iPhone 3G


The three major phones on our mind are the T-Mobile G1 Android powered phone, the BlackBerry Storm 9500 and of course the one we are already using the awesome Apple iPhone 3G. Now please do not think we are strong believers of the iPhone 3G and that this phone is better than the other two […]

Apple What Next? Bye iPhone 3G, Hello T-Mobile G1 Phone


Now we all need to know what can Apple do to respond in the fight-back to win back more customers, we can see that Apple is about to lose many customers thanks to the T-Mobile G1 Phone, we already know that 1.5 million T-Mobile G1 Android phones have been pre-ordered and this will only rise. […]

Google G1 Vs Apple iPhone as pre-sales soar

Google G1 V's Apple iPhone as pre-sales soar

T-Mobile G1 Google android phone has pre-sold 1.5 million handsets according press reports, and with its arrival onto the market later this month if the rumours are correct it’s already on target to beat the one million iPhone sales that Apple sold in the first week of sales. Neither Google, HTC the handset manufacturer or […]