T-Mobile Google G1 phone launch: frenzy or flop?

T-Mobile Google G1 phone launch: frenzy or flop?

I can see them now, thousands of people queuing waiting for the long anticipated T-Mobile Google G1, am I dreaming? Well, yes as it really was not like that yesterday, they were not flocking in their thousands to get their hands on the Google G1, like the Apple iPhone fans did, in-fact there was no […]

T-Mobile Google G1: Fancy 70 percent app revenue?

T-Mobile Google G1: Fancy 70 percent app revenue?

It must be a developers dream now that Google have opened its Android Market for its G1 smartphone. It’s seems a pretty simple arrangement to go and start earning yourself lots of money, all you have to do is register with Google, you can do this from Monday October 27 and then pay a one-time […]

Google Android open-source now live, but no G1 yet?

Google Android open-source now live, but no G1 yet?

The Google Android open-source website is now open, less than a year after announcing the android operating system. If you go to the site you will see that it includes of course the Android source code, project list, how to contribute, feature descriptions and information guide as to who can have what role in a […]

Google reduces Android apps to just 13 before G1 launch


Looks like prospective Google Android T-Mobile G1 owners may just be a little disappointed when they finally gain their new mobile handset, especially if they were looking forward to trying out the 50 or so applications. Disappointed because those reported 50 or so apps in the Android market have been drastically stripped away by Google […]

T-Mobile upgrades BlackBerry Curve 8320 to v4.5.0.81


For all you T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8320 owners who have been a tad hesitant in wanting to upgrade your BlackBerry Curve 8320 from another carrier’s OS, T-Mobile has now uploaded to their website their official 4.5OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8320. The new T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8320 v4.5.0.81 includes HTML email – – Music and […]

T-Mobile G1 against Apple iPhone battle begins October 22nd


Official release date of the T-Mobile G1 Google Android phone will be on Wednesday the 22nd of October. As the T-Mobile G1 is the first of the Google Android based mobile phones, and the fact that Google supplied the open source software, many are expecting great things. Obviously the crown wearing god of the smartphone […]

T-Mobile Google G1: a computer that makes calls?


We have been comparing the T-Mobile Google G1 when the Apple iPhone and the BlackBerry Storm and written several articles about them. But when you really look closely at the Google G1 and iPhone comparable you can see the G1 is more of a handheld computer than a sophisticated alternative to the Apple iPhone, although […]

Pre-sales of T-Mobile G1 near 1.5 million or not?


I seem to recall someone stating that the Google Android T-Mobile G1 was doing really well and almost hitting the one and a half million mark in pre-sales, but apparently this rumour is wrong. The word is a source close to this situation has stated that although T-Mobile G1 pre-sales are strong and making the […]

Android works hard to sell Google services


We all know that Android is a freely available open source OS, but that doesn’t mean Google hasn’t shied away from the idea of making a profit by subsidising its development, and with the T-Mobile G1 almost upon us, it is becoming less of a mystery how Google intends to do so. It would appear […]

T-Mobile Google G1: Google apps top’s Apple

T-Mobile Google G1: Google apps top's Apple

T-Mobile’s Google G1 is officially out on October 22 although T-Mobile has started shipping the android device already in America. The Google android operating systems offers something quite amazing with the ability to easily extend well beyond the core functions of the phone, with the majority of the downloads being free, fast and easily to […]