T-Mobile trade-in prices on the rise, company guarantees best value

t-mobile price promo

T-Mobile loves to shake things up a bit, and they’ve done it again today with yet another promotion. There’s no name for the new promo, but it does bring T-Mobile trade-in prices up and ensures they’ll give you the most money for your old handset.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Note Edge coming to Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

That didn’t take long. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has only been official for a few hours, and we’ve already learned that the Note 4 is headed to all four major US carriers with Sprint, T-Mob, AT&T and Big Red.

ZTE invites roll out for a September 16th event in New York City

ZTE Invites

Every smartphone or tablet manufacturer with something to show will be at IFA 2014 next week except for ZTE, who appears to have other plans. They still have something to announce, but it looks like they may wait until the buzz dies down as the ZTE invites have just rolled out for a big event in NYC on September 16.

T-Mobile will soon throttle unlimited LTE if used for Torrents

t-mobile logo

T-Mobile may be the “Uncarrier” and enjoy shaking things up, but they’re doing it for a different reason today. An internal memo to employees has gone out, and if you’re using your unlimited LTE for torrents, you will soon have your data throttled.

T-Mobile Device Unlock app lands on Google Play

unlock app android

T-Mobile loves to shake things up – just watch any presser with John Legere. The Uncarrier just released a new Android app that can make unlocking your smartphone a whole lot simpler. It’s limited at the moment, but the T-Mobile Device Unlock app has landed on Google Play.

Sony Xperia Z3 could release on T-Mobile US

Sony Xperia Z3 could release on T-Mobile

The Sony Xperia Z3 will follow the popular Xperia Z2 flagship and is expected to release later this year with an official launch rumored for September. There has been some disappointment that the Xperia Z2 hasn’t been offered by any US carriers so far, but now it looks as though the Sony Xperia Z3 could […]

T-Mobile announces new $100 Simple Choice Family Plan

T-Mobile Logo

T-Mobile likes to shake things up in the mobile industry, and they’ve done it again today by hitting carriers where it hurts on their family plans. T-Mobile’s new Simple Choice family plan aims to bring some new customers to the network, and it will be a smashing success unless the other carriers decide to match it.

ZTE Olympia Phablet for T-Mobile appears Online

ZTE Olympia

ZTE is a brand that hasn’t really made its mark in the Unites States, as the devices aren’t the easiest to get from a carrier. That’s putting it mildly. T-Mobile is hoping to change that, and we’ve just gotten our first look at the phablet dubbed the ZTE Olympia.

T-Mobile iPhone WiFi calling in iOS 8 beta 3

T-Mobile iPhone WiFi caling with iOS 8 beta 3

Back in June we heard that T-Mobile was the first carrier to confirm iOS 8 Wi-Fi calling support, and this is a development that has interested many people. Yesterday we informed readers that iOS the latest beta of iOS 8 was now available for developers, and following this we can tell you that the T-Mobile […]

LG G3 T-Mobile release date tipped, plus more devices

LG G3 T-Mobile release date tipped, plus more devices

The LG G3 is a hotly anticipated flagship smartphone, but although LG recently gave some official news on when it would be available for some regions, there was nothing concrete on its US release. However, the LG G3 T-Mobile release date has now been tipped, along with another possible arrival date for two other devices. […]