Oculus Rift release date set for early 2016

oculus rift

It’s been a while since we talked about the Oculus Rift as things like Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR have come along and stolen a bit of the spotlight. That’s going to change soon, but maybe not as soon as some might like. Facebook has just given us a look at their version of the […]

The Woolet Wallet brings brains to your Billfold

woolet wallet

We’ve seen wearable tech turn up in some interesting places, and every time we think we’ve seen it all, an interesting new gadget pops up. Such is the case with the Woolet Wallet, a billfold with Bluetooth and a big brain.

Smuggler busted with 94 iPhone’s found strapped to his body

iPhone 6 smuggler

We may gripe when an overpriced handset arrives, but in China it’s a little more extreme. It isn’t uncommon for smugglers to operate in China along with every other country on the planet, and tech is always a hot item. That said, it’s not every day you hear about a man getting arrested for smuggling in 94 iPhones… strapped to his body.

Target and Google Team up for the Bullseye’s Playground Mobile Game

Bullseye's Playground

Remember when smartphones used to be something we mainly used to call and text? Those days are long gone, and companies are finding interesting ways to use promotions with mobiles. Target is getting on the bandwagon with the Bullseye’s Playground Game, and if you’re lucky enough you may just get a chance to check out Project Tango.

The Queen is Tech Savvy: She Wants Apple iPad 2

The Queen is Tech Savvy- She Wants Apple iPad 2

The Queen has prompted her staff to buy her a new Apple iPad 2, now we find this more interesting than the Royal Wedding with Prince William and Kate because technology is the future. Prince Harry and Prince William use the new Apple iPad 2 tablet PC and this sparked interest from the Queen and […]

O2 attacked for misleading customers over iPhone 3G PAYG


O2 are going through the mill at the moment when it comes to customer satisfaction, well the latest news sees them under attack yet again. O2 were slammed by customers for their website failure when it came to pre-ordering the iPhone 3G and resulting in us having to come back on July 10th for more […]

Video: Apple is now Futuristic, iRobot Military Packbot controlled via iPhone

iRobot_packbot video

Now this video below is hot and we mean hot, it shows that the robot is working efficiently whilst in control via the Apple iPhone 3G. This is not child’s-play this is now the real deal. iRobot’s Military Packbot is being controlled by the iPhone via WiFi, obviously the iPhone has been customized and the […]

Samsung Instinct hands on review: real live photos

Engadget Mobile got their mitts on the new Samsung Instinct the lucky sods; they took some photos and give a brief description of what they think about the phone itself. They said that the handset looks and feels really good and is top notch, the materials, the finish and what they call “oh so glossy” […]

General Mobile DST3G phone supports 2 SIM cards 3G style

I am looking at this phone and pondering at the looks, do I like it? Or do I hate it? You have to say it is one of those phones you are not totally sure about and will probably buy just for the sake of it just to see if it is all what it […]

I have Apple iPhone but I want to copy and paste, welcome to iCopy

We all know that the Apple iPhone is very good for work use and of course general searching on the net and the most demanded app people want is the option to cut and paste, but the question many people ask is “what if you want to copy and paste a URL or text? Well […]