Tesco Hudl Tablet refurb price is hard to beat

Tesco Hudl tablet refurb price is hard to beat

The Tesco Hudl tablet was released last September and offered a real alternative at the affordable end of the market. It was released at a budget price of £119.99 and Tesco customers using Clubcard vouchers could get the device cheaper still. Now a Tesco Hudl refurb price is on offer that is pretty hard to […]

Tesco Hudl screen problems addressed via update

Tesco Hudl screen problems addressed via update

Last year supermarket giant Tesco launched its own branded tablet PC that has proven to be hugely successful, but the Tesco Hudl Tablet screen problems have been addressed via a new firmware update. Some users of the Tesco Hudl device have been experiencing issues with the slates display that has seen the responsiveness of the […]

Asda HomeSurf tablet vs Tesco Hudl spec & price comparison

hudl vs

The 7-inch budget tablet PC market has got extremely crowded in recent times which have led to rumours that Google won’t be providing a new Nexus 7 this year, and today we have an Asda HomeSurf Tablet vs. Tesco Hudl spec and price comparison. We told you yesterday that Asda had released the Binatone HomeSurf […]

Asda HomeSurf tablet takes on Tesco Hudl, beats price

Asda HomeSurf tablet takes on Tesco Hudl, beats price

The budget Android tablet market is awash with devices from a variety of companies and retailers, but the Asda Binatone HomeSurf 742 takes on the Tesco Hudl and beats the price although the specs lose out. Supermarket giant Asda has entered the budget Android tablet market by releasing the Binatone HomeSurf 742, and it costs […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite vs Tesco Hudl, budget battle

tab 3 lite

Just like smartphones the Android platform is jam packed with lower priced tablet PCs that still offer users a worthy experience of owning such a device. We are seeing new products constantly released so today we are looking at the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite vs. Tesco Hudl Tablet on a budget specs battle. After […]

Tesco Hudl sells well as anticipation of new model rises

hudle 2

The Android platform has long been awash with budget 7-inch tablet PCs from a variety of manufacturers or retailers, and the Tesco Hudl Tablet sells well as the anticipation for the new model rises. It has been revealed that Tesco has managed to sell over 400,000 of its Hudl Tablet that runs on the Android […]

iRulu 7-inch tablet vs Tesco Hudl


Tablet devices are hugely popular and appearing on many Christmas wish lists at the moment. Many people are looking for affordable tablets and there are some tablets available at budget prices. Today we’re looking at the iRulu 7-inch tablet vs. Tesco Hudl, and we’ll compare the main specs and prices. Processor The Tesco Hudl has […]

Aldi Medion Lifetab tablet vs Tesco Hudl

Aldi Medion Lifetab tablet vs Tesco Hudl

The latest retailer to step up to the bench in supplying a cheap Android tablet to rival the likes of Argos and Tesco is Aldi, say hello to the new Aldi Medion Lifetab 7-inch Android tablet that is very competitive indeed. The Aldi Medion Lifetab and the Tesco Hudl are very similar indeed when it […]

Tesco Hudl 2 Tablet release coming 2014

Tesco Hudl 2 Tablet release coming 2014

Most manufacturers of mobile devices will release a product before offering a refreshed model a few months or up to a year down the line, and now a Tesco Hudl 2 Tablet is set for release in 2014 that will see a spec upgrade to the current model. Back towards the end of September the […]

Avoca Jelly Bean tablet undercuts Tesco Hudl price

Budget Avoca JB tablet undercuts Tesco Hudl price

There have always been a number of low cost Android tablets available to the consumer but this range has got larger with some big UK retailers joining the fray, and now the Avoca Android Jelly Bean tablet undercuts the Tesco Hudl price. We have recently seen the new slate from Argos launched shortly after supermarket […]