Samsung Galaxy S5 UK carrier pricing starts to appear

Samsung Galaxy S5 UK carrier pricing starts to appear

We are only a few weeks away now from when excited Android fans can get their hands on the latest flagship handset from Samsung, and now some Galaxy S5 UK carrier pricing starts to appear leading up to the release of the smartphone. There has already been an unlocked price for the Samsung Galaxy S5 […]

Three UK 3G and 4G changes will disappoint

3 data

UK mobile carrier Three has always been famed for its all you can eat data, but the company has now announced some changes to its 3G and 4G contracts that may disappoint those looking to join the network. It has been announced by the carrier that new customers signing up to both 3G and 4G […]

Three UK 4G rollout reaches all, sort of

Three UK 4G rollout reaches all, sort of

The UK market for a 4G LTE service has been heating up in recent months as more services and networks become available. A lot of users have been put off with the high price of some of the 4G price plans, but the Three UK 4G rollout reaches all of the carrier’s customers, sort of. […]

Three One Plan price jump not down to 4G launch

Three One plan price jump not down to 4G launch

Mobile users in the UK have been left behind when it comes to having access to a 4G LTE service when compared to many other countries, things are beginning to change though but the Three One Plan price increase is not being put down to the impending 4G launch. The 4G market in the UK […]

Three UK data outage causes headaches for users

Three outage

Such is our reliance on modern technology these days when things do go wrong we realise how many things we do in everyday life depends on it, and now a Three UK data outage is causing headaches for many of the networks customers. Customers on the Three network have been having issues trying to get […]

Three UK kills US roaming charges with Feel At Home

Three UK kills US roaming charges

If you travel aboard at anytime for business or a holiday you can often be exposed to expensive charges by mobile operators for using your handset even just for receiving incoming calls or text messages, but now Three UK kills US roaming charges with the Feel At Home program. While there has been a recent […]

LG G2 gets UK release

LG G2 reaches UK

If you are the fan of the Android platform there are certainly a huge range of different smartphones to tempt you to part with your hard earned cash, and now for UK residents this choice has just grown as the LG G2 has been released. The LG G2 is a highly sought after high end […]

iPhone 5C UK carrier pricing revealed

iphone 5c uk carrier pricing

The time has now come for Apple fans that want to own the iPhone 5C to place their pre-order ahead of a release next week on September 20th, and now more UK carriers have revealed their pricing for the device. While the iPhone 5C is available directly from the Apple Store many will be looking […]

Three UK 4G roll out plans confirmed

Three UK 4G plans

Residents and mobile users in the UK are finally beginning to see more choice becoming available when it comes to signing up to a 4G data plan, and while only selected areas are currently covered this is set to change in the coming months. Now king of all you can eat data Three UK has […]

Three UK 4G price promise reaffirmed

Three UK 4G price promise reaffirmed

Residents in the United Kingdom will be used to seeing the advertising campaign from carrier EE featuring Hollywood star Kevin Bacon boasting about their 4G network. It’s about to get some company though from rival carriers and now the Three UK 4G price promise have been reaffirmed. EE has been busy boasting that it’s the […]