HTC One M9 Three UK price plans, on sale now

HTC One M9 Three UK

The HTC One M9 is about to release for various global markets, and if you’re in the UK and want to buy this phone we’ve already brought plenty of information. We knew that the Three network would be offering this flagship device, but previously hadn’t heard about pricing. Now we have news of HTC One […]

HTC One M9 for the UK: Where to buy

HTC One M9 UK buy b

The HTC One M9 flagship was formally introduced to a waiting smartphone world this week. The UK release date for the phone is March 31st, and it’s likely to be popular following the success of the original One and then last year’s One M8. Now we have some information about the HTC One M9 for […]

LG G3 release date for UK from July 1st

LG G3 release date for UK

The LG G3 smartphone has finally been officially introduced at an event in London. We know that many readers have been eagerly waiting for more details despite so many leaks about the device, especially over the last few weeks. Now we have news of the LG G3 release date for the UK from July 1st. […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 in gold now available from Three UK

Samsung Galaxy S5 in gold available from Three UK

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has been flying off shelves in regions worldwide and is available in a black, white, gold or blue colour choices. However, not all of the colours have been available for all regions or carriers but the Samsung Galaxy S5 in gold is now available from Three UK. Previously we told how […]

HTC One M8 in surprise price increase

HTC One M8 in surprise price increase

The HTC One M8 has been with us for the best part of a month now with this year’s flagship smartphone from the company gaining many plaudits from reviewers and owners alike, but now the HTC One M8 is the centre of a surprise price increase with one carrier. When the HTC One M8 was […]

iPhone 5C 8GB gets pricing on Three UK

iPhone 5C 8GB gets pricing on Three UK

It doesn’t seem as if the so called more affordable iPhone model that Apple released last year has captured the publics imagination as much as the company would have thought. To counter this Apple has come up with an even cheaper version all be it with some adjustments to the handsets specs, and now the […]

HTC One M8 Mini release in May says UK carrier

HTC One M8 release in May says UK carrier

If we had any remaining doubts at all that an HTC One M8 Mini was on the way, they have now been removed with news from a UK carrier. A few days ago we reported that all the indicators were pointing to a Mini version of the new HTC One M8 flagship, just like the […]

Xperia Z2 pre-order pricing from o2 and Three

Xperia Z2 up for pre-order

You’ve seen our post on the pricing from Amazon and now o2 and Three in the UK have announced their pre-order pricing. First up Three is offering the black and white models on contract starting at £38 (for 2GB) and going all the way up to £44 (for unlimited data) per month, with a £49 upfront fee. […]

Three launch first 4G MiFi device


Three have  launched their first 4G MiFi made by Huawei. It goes by the model number 5372 if you are a techie and need to know that sort of information (don’t we all?). This new 4G MiFi unit has a very impressive 6 hour battery life and can support up to 10 connections at the same […]

Three launch 4G data dongle

three 4g dongle

Three have announced a 4G data dongle for their UK network, a first for the Unlimited data carrier. For £19.99 a month you will get a very generous 15GB allowance with an up front cost of £34.99. Not only that but PAYG is covered too, with pricing starting at £64.99 including 3GB that lasts for up to […]