Paris attack stems Facebook profile pic change for solidarity

Paris attacks stems Facebook profile change

There are shockwaves around the world today caused by the dreadful tragedy in Paris last night. Much of the world is uniting against these actions and sharing thoughts on social media through mobile apps. Now the Paris attack has stemmed a special Facebook profile pic change, as a way of showing solidarity to the victims. […]

Twitter Periscope App launched for iOS

periscope ios app

There was a time when YouTube was something of a novelty, and not nearly the juggernaut it is today. Mobile video is beyond popular, and live video streaming is gearing up to become its own behemoth as more folks get into streaming live content from their mobiles. Twitter’s gone all-in on live-streaming, and they’ve just launched the Twitter Periscope app for iOS.

Motorola’s President reveals 2015 lineup details on Twitter

Motorola G Titan and E Styx

We get information from all kinds of sources these days, but it’s always nice when it’s of the official variety. Earlier today, we told you about Motorola’s plans for the Moto X 2015, and now we’re going to let you know what else the company has in the works this year.

The Xpire app for Android finally arrives


In today’s age of social media one thing is for certain, once you put it out there, it’s out there. Whether you tweet or post on Facebook, we’ve all said something we’ve wanted to take back, and the Xpire app can lend you a hand with that. It can’t take back your posts, but it can make them self-destruct…

Twitter app not working for many


While Twitter isn’t down, the Android and iPhone app is not working for many users today. We’ve had a number of emails from our readers letting us know about the Twitter app problems and seen many reports on the social network itself, although some of these users fail to mention whether they are using the […]

Twitter purchase Cover

cover twitter

The 3 man team at Cover have just announced that they’ve been officially acquired by the folks over at Twitter. So what exactly does Twitter want with a lockscreen app? At the moment that part remains to be seen and the guys at Cover aren’t revealing any real details just yet, only mentioning that they’ll be building […]

Twitter kills #music

twitter music

Twitter have just announced that it will be removing its #music app from the App Store “later this afternoon.” but for those who already have the app downloaded, the service will stop working on the 18th of April. The application was first introduced in April 2013 and was supposed to use Twitter’s massive user base to create a content discovery service […]

Vine bans Porn


Twitter app Vine has today banned all sexually explicit content from being published on the platform. “We’ve found that there’s a very small percentage of videos that are not a good fit for our community,” it said in a blog post. The blog post also goes to say that For more than 99 percent of our […]

Vine for Android slowly releases with unique feature

Vine for Android release finally

There have long been popular applications that are available to iOS user’s long before they are released onto the Android platform, but today we have the great news that the Vine for Android release is finally happening with a unique feature and availability promised for Google Play today. We reported back in April that the […]

Twitter update to Android app, new look and changes


There are always plenty of new tablets and smartphones to report on but at Phones Review we also like to bring you information of apps, both new and updated. Today we can tell you that the Twitter Android app has just been updated and we have some details of the new look and changes that […]