O2 UK roaming price increase is bad for the traveller

O2 roaming

In years gone by many of us will have visited a foreign country whether it’s for business reasons or for our holidays, and would have used a pay phone or some other means to call our loved ones back home. Now though most people just simply use their mobile phone to do this, which is […]

BlackBerry PlayBook 3G UK release date arrives with bump in specs

Uk blackberry playbook 3g

The tablet PC market has got a lot more crowded in recent weeks with the release of the Apple iPad mini and new versions of the popular Google Nexus 7 revealed following weeks of speculation. Meanwhile BlackBerry maker RIM has been trying to convince consumers to purchase their take on the tablet PC, and now […]

Apple apology to Samsung finally hits UK newspapers

Apple apology to Samsung finally hits UK newspapers

I’m sure most who have been keeping up with the patent disputes between Apple and Samsung will know that over here in the United Kingdom, our courts found Sammy to be innocent of infringing on Apple iPad design with Galaxy Tab slates, and as such Apple was ordered by the court to post an apology […]

Virgin Media UK to offer cheap truly unlimited data plans

unlimited data uk

In the last couple of years the increase in ownership of smartphones has seen a dramatic increase in the amount of data that is used by mobile phone users, which can sometimes mean expensive call plans. Now for residents in the UK Virgin Media is to offer truly unlimited data plans for its pay as […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini UK release for Nov 8

Galaxy S3 mini release date

Samsung has been on a roll in recent times releasing smartphones that have the appeal that was once reserved only for the Apple iPhone, with the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 proving to be hugely popular around the world. We now have news that the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini UK release will come on […]

Nokia Lumia 820 at Carphone Warehouse, link confusion

Nokia Lumia 820 at Carphone Warehouse, link confusion

In the last few days Microsoft officially unveiled their new Windows Phone 8 operating system, which the company is pinning its hopes on to make a bigger dent into the smartphone market than previous offerings. Now ahead of the release of the Windows Phone 8 devices we have news of the Nokia Lumia 820 at […]

LG Nexus 4 coming to O2 UK in November

LG Nexus 4 coming to O2 UK in November

If you are over this side of the pond in the United Kingdom and your preferred UK carrier is O2, and you have had your beady eyes on the latest upcoming Android smartphone, the LG Nexus 4, it just might be of interest to you to know that O2 UK will offer the LG Nexus […]

Buy your Christmas Orange UK Phone for Parkinson’s

orange christmas

Many of us will give to charities at different times during the year with certain ones being close to our hearts for one reason or another. Today we have news for our readers in the UK as they can help a charity for Parkinson’s disease by buying a phone from Orange this Christmas. This unique […]

Vodafone UK 4G promise and customer confidence

Vodafone UK 4G promise and customer confidence

As you probably know the United Kingdom is finally stepping into the 4G LTE network game, with EE being the first UK carrier to offer 4G LTE connectivity, and Vodafone will be launching their UK 4G LTE network in the spring of next year. And old Vodafone wants their customers to know the carrier will […]

Apple iPad mini Pre-order UK & US with limitations

ipad mini limitations

As expected a few days ago iPhone maker Apple showcased a new smaller version of the popular iPad, which didn’t really throw up any surprises from what had previously been leaked leading up to the event, and now the Apple iPad mini pre-orders have started in the UK and US, but with some limitations. We […]