T-Mobile Device Unlock app lands on Google Play

unlock app android

T-Mobile loves to shake things up – just watch any presser with John Legere. The Uncarrier just released a new Android app that can make unlocking your smartphone a whole lot simpler. It’s limited at the moment, but the T-Mobile Device Unlock app has landed on Google Play.

US Phone unlock agreement by White House

US Phone unlock agreement by White House

Smartphone users around the world enjoy unlocking their smartphones for a variety of reasons, but the trouble is at the moment if you do such a thing you run the risk of being criminalised, but now the White House in the US agrees with the process of unlocking a mobile phone. At the end of […]

US phone unlocking ban under scrutiny by FCC

US phone unlocking ban under scrutiny by FCC

There are many smartphone owners on the various platforms that like to jailbreak and unlock their handsets, which can be for various reasons such as just moving carrier, but this practice was outlawed in the US recently, but the phone unlocking ban is now under scrutiny by the FCC. Towards the end of January it […]

Breaking the Law to unlock U.S phones after Jan 26th


We have some unfortunate news for the many people who enjoy unlocking their phones and the freedom that it brings to the use of their device. In a nutshell it will be breaking the law to unlock U.S. phones after January 26. That means phone users in the US only have today to purchase a […]

Unlock several Nokia phones with software hacking


Yeah you read right, this is a cool solution for unlocking Nokia handset with no need for software based hacking. Actually it’s quite similar to the iPhone solution TurboSIM. The No-key Nokia X-SIM is a special SIM card which will unlock your Nokia handset so it can work on any network. The X-SIM’s theory is […]