Can BlackBerry handle Verizon iPhone Pressure

Can BlackBerry handle Verizon iPhone Pressure

For now Research In Motion commands the biggest smartphone market share with their BlackBerry smartphones, but with the increasing rumour that the iPhone will be coming to the Verizon network this year, can BlackBerry handle the pressure a Verizon iPhone may bring? According to an article over on CNN, the answer to that question is […]

Verizon iPhone could kill AT&T, AT&T pays Apple $600 per phone, sells $199

Verizon iPhone could kill AT&T, AT&T pays Apple $600 per phone, sells $199

The old rumour mill and speculation factory is running rife this week over the possibility of a Verizon iPhone making its way out into the big wide world later this year, which gives speculation as to what damage a Verizon iPhone would do to AT&T. Most reports stem from an article posted by the WSJ […]

AT&T iPhone Help, can they improve coverage before Verizon release

AT&T iPhone Help, can they improve coverage before Verizon release

For quite some time now AT&T customers have been griping about poor coverage with the iPhone on AT&T’s network, and apparently AT&T execs have been working with Apple with a view to solving the problems reports an article over on Cnet. We all know about iPhone customers complaining about slow data connections and dropped calls, […]

Why is Apple releasing new Verizon iPhone? We wonder


We would love to know a few things, why is Apple releasing a Verizon iPhone? Makes you wonder doesn’t it. Yesterday we mentioned about a new iPhone for Verizon will be releasing summer 2010. Ok so a new CDMA Verizon iPhone is coming maybe late 2010 or maybe sometime in 2011, but Apple are releasing […]

Verizon Motorola Droid Android 2.1 Update, you got it yet?


Verizon are gearing up to rollout the Motorola Droid Android 2.1 Update and many have been waiting for this for quite sometime. The update was supposed to happen earlier this month but it was put on hold, it will be with you today, please let us know if you have it already or you are […]

Nexus One coming to Verizon next week $199


The Nexus One by HTC the Smartphone being sold exclusively via the Google web store is actually now rumoured to become available as soon as next week for purchase with Verizon Wireless connectivity packed inside. The first device to have Android 2.1 operating system, and shortly after being briefly listed on Google’s site as put […]

Verizon Push to Talk (PTT) Officially Announced with limited free trial


At last it has been officially announced by Verizon, yes Push to Talk aka PTT will have limited free trial to boot to put a smile on your face. The new PTT feature will be ready for the BlackBerry Tour on March 30 (Yes tomorrow) thanks to a new press release via CrackBerry, this new […]

Verizon vs. Sprint: Who will win 4G LTE Network American Coverage?


Sprint has been right on the ball by upping its game in the way of promoting its functional 4G network on the upcoming HTC Evo 4G phone that was announced at CTIA 2010. Well it seems Verizon 4G will cover one-third of American this year according to TechNewsDaily, Sprint were the first to get 4G […]

Just $150 on Verizon Motorola Devour


There has been numerous rumours and leaks surrounding the Motorola Devour and now we have some really good news thanks to the guys over at via Verizon that the Motorola Devour is now officially on sale through Verizon. The Smartphone is sold online as well as in Verizon shops as an alternative to the […]

Google Nexus One sales doing well, Verizon Release it then


According to HTC CEO Peter Chou the Google Nexus One sales are doing very good indeed, considering they did not have any standard marketing campaigns. The Nexus One is a very popular device that runs on the Android OS and is offered to its customers via Google, the device only moved 135,000 units in the […]