Poll: Verizon iPhone, Nexus One or Sprint HTC EVO 4G?


The question is Verizon iPhone, Nexus One or Sprint HTC EVO 4G?, the reason we ask this is because we would love to know if you would still prefer the Verizon iPhone, the Verizon Nexus One or the new Sprint HTC EVO 4G. CTIA 2010 was a very good day today and it was at […]

Verizon HTC Incredible Release Date, Specs & Twitter Pics


The new Verizon HTC Incredible is a stunning mobile handset and according to Engadget, this new smartphone will make its way to Verizon within two-weeks. Many knew that this HTC phone was destined for the Big Red and now we can see a little hope, the main features include 512MB of DRAM, 1,300 mAh battery, […]

Verizon iPhone or Nexus One: What would you prefer?


The Verizon iPhone 2010 is said to include a 5 megapixel camera that will come with LED flash and possibly even an OLED screen, a removable battery and maybe even a front facing camera. Of course another consideration would be the price apparently as the exclusivity with AT&T ends the rumour is that Apple and […]

BlackBerry Tour OS 5.0 Release in time for Verizon PTT


Some really good new has been reported over at crackberry.com in relation to an update which we’ve all been waiting for. Since the start of all the hype and interest surrounding the Push to Talk on Verizon at has been a little difficult to say the least in sorting out what exactly this will mean […]

Verizon Push to Talk (PTT) app, price and details now available


We mentioned a few days ago about Verizon Push to Talk (PTT) coming to the BlackBerry Tour soon; well we have a little more information just for you. You can now get push to talk through Verizon for only a $5 per month with unlimited service; this new offering comes as an app, which is […]

New Verizon Motorola Droid System Update: Enhancements and Improvements


DROID by Motorola Update: Verizon today has just posted a brand new Motorola Droid system update that will feature enhancements and improvements. You will be able to benefit more on your Android smartphone thanks to this new update (software version AP: ESE53/BP: C_01.3E.03P), you can check out the Verizon support page where they have plenty […]

Verizon Push to Talk (PTT) coming to BlackBerry Tour soon


More information has surfaced about Verizon Push to Talk coming to BlackBerry Tour soon, yes, the Big Red Push to Talk should be available sometime April 2010. CrackBerry got their hands on a PDF from Verizon and it reveals that Push to Talk will be on the BlackBerry Tour, there were a few rumours of […]

Apple iPhone users may stay with AT&T and not go Verizon


Many AT&T customers have not been much too happy with its service and many iPhone users would even consider leaving AT&T in favour of Verizon if they got the Apple iPhone. AT&T iPhone users have to put up with the network jams quite a lot but there could be an answer underground. Time Warner Cable […]

Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Network Speed Tests Revealed


While we all sit here and wait for Verizon Wireless to announce the new iPhone on its network you might want to know that they have just revealed its real 4G network speeds. Yes Verizon say that its fourth generation long term evolution (LTE) is so much faster than its current 3G networks offered by […]

Verizon Launch Evolution Store Concept in Greeney

Verizon Launch Evolution Store Concept in Greeney

Verizon Wireless has now launched their new “Evolution Store” concept at the CenterPlace Shopping Centre where Verizon will offer more interactive displays for customers, and customers can sign in to a queue and brows the store whilst waiting for service reports the Greeley Tribune. The new Evolution Store is 4,000 square feet and features a […]