Has Verizon Nexus One been pushed aside for Microsoft Kin phones?

Has Verizon Nexus One been pushed aside for Microsoft Kin phones

We would love to know if the Verizon Nexus One phone has been pushed aside or totally dumped in favour of the Microsoft KIN phones, has Verizon decided to use Microsoft instead of Google. Yesterday Microsoft announced its KIN ONE and KIN TWO mobile smartphones and Verizon will be releasing them early May 2010, the […]

Will Verizon stay on the Android bandwagon or choose Apple dollars instead


Thanks for a recent article over at phandroid.com which gives some useful information in relation to Verizon and Android and the possibilities for the future. We are all aware that Verizon originally passed in the first iPhone more than likely due to what they felt at the time were unacceptable money terms. Their decision instead […]

Verizon Nexus One No, Microsoft Kin phones Yes

Verizon Nexus One No, Microsoft Kin phones Yes

We said, “Will the Journey Begin Tomorrow?” when it comes to the announcement of the Verizon Nexus One, there were rumours of this phone being announced today. Well these rumours can be buried now, because today was the day for Microsoft. Announced earlier was two new mobile smartphones named the KIN ONE and KIN TWO, […]

Verizon Shows LG VS740 Aloha, Microsoft One (MSONE) and Two (MSTWO) phones

Verizon Shows LG VS740 Aloha, Microsoft One MSONE and Two MSTWO phones

Looking at the new Verizon inventory system it clearly shows 3 new phones, Phone Arena has two inventory system images that clearly shows the LG VS740 aka Aloha and Two Microsoft phones dubbed MSONE and MSTWO. Obviously this in not official so please with respect read this article with caution, at the end of the […]

Verizon new devices launching really soon Incredible HTC? 25th April


We all know following the recent buzz and hype surrounding all the somewhat tedious and very repetitive rumours that it seems Verizon do have something that’s coming out way very soon. The guesswork of when we are likely to see anything new has gone on for some time now, but then an email was sent […]

Verizon network is capable of handling iPhone


Although so far the Apple iPhone’s exclusive carrier in the US AT&T have been continuing to state that meeting the iPhone users bandwidth demands would be a tough task for any carrier in the country. The extremely confident Verizon Wireless Chief Executive Officer Ivan Seidenberg has said that the company was willing to be put […]

Verizon HTC Incredible and Nexus One Release pushes Palm Out


When you look at all the news covering Verizon and its HTC Incredible and Google Nexus One releases, it makes you wonder if Palm is getting pushed out to make room for the new handsets. The reason we say this is because we have already reported that Verizon has cut the prices way down on […]

US Cellular Service Better Than Europe or Asia Says Verizon CEO

US Cellular Service Better Than Europe or Asia Says Verizon CEO

Verizon has the best cellular service in the US when compared with the likes of AT&T and their abysmal service with the iPhone. However apparently Verizon also believes that US cellular service is the best in the world and better then Europe or Asia reports and article over on 247wallst. Word has it Verizon Communications […]

Verizon HTC Incredible or iPhone, which will release first?


When it comes to release dates, the Verizon HTC Incredible and the much-anticipated Verizon iPhone is what all consumers wish to know about, but what will come first. We have heard rumours of Apple bringing a brand new CDMA iPhone to Verizon, we know it is coming but it is a matter of when, could […]

Verizon HTC Incredible Twitter hint: Are you happy?


Verizon Wireless gives us a little clue about the new HTC Incredible according to its Twitter account. A customer got a little over excited and basically resented the lack of information about the HTC Incredible and other future mobile phones the company would include. Looking at the Twitter message that we mentioned a few days […]