Lenovo and Vuzix set to launch the M100 Smart Glasses in September

Vuzix M100

When it comes to smart glasses, everyone instantly thinks of Google Glass. The product has received a lot of hype, but they may soon have a competitor in the tech eyewear department. They aren’t as fancy as Glass, but the Vuzix M100 smart glasses could prove to be popular and they actually have a release date.

Vuzix M100 glasses only smart if right price

Vuzix M100 glasses only smart if right price

The mobile space isn’t just about smartphones and tablets, as there are also glasses that are becoming part of the mobile arena, and whilst at CES 2013 in Las Vegas, Vuzix has shown off their M100 smart glasses that run the Android platform and feature a tiny 480 x 272 display that sits neatly in […]

Vuzix Smart Glasses M100 specs, great smartphone partnership


As well as all the usual new product news at Phones Review we also like to bring readers details of new and innovative products and gadgets. Meet the Vuzix Smart Glasses M100 and we have specs and info about these glasses and how they make a great smartphone partnership by offering an intelligent hands-free display. […]

Vuzix iWear AV230XL and AV310 Widescreen available in UK

Vuzix iWear AV230XL and AV310 Widescreen available in UK

Vuzix has confirmed that its latest products are compatible with the increasingly wide range of today’s mobile phones and has a continuing wide expanse of mobile video content. Vuzix headsets enlarge the small mobile display into a large screen event, creating a virtual screen that can be up to 62 inches large. One example which […]

iWear AV310 Widescreen virtual 52-ins screen via Vuzix


Vuzix Corporation has announced the iWear AV310 Widescreen, the latest addition to their line of video eyewear that offers up a 16.9 aspect ratio to replicate a home theatre screen. With iWear AV310 Widescreen, the user will experience a virtual 50 inch screen as if viewed from a distance of 9 feet, an displayed from […]