WhatsApp Windows Phone update brings voice calling at last

WhatsApp for Windows Phone update

Popular messaging app WhatsApp is available for several different operating platforms. However, Windows Phone device owners have been missing out on the voice calling feature that’s evident on the iOS and Android versions. Now a WhatsApp Windows Phone update is bringing voice calling at last, something many users of the app were waiting for. The […]

New WhatsApp features in Sept iPhone update

whatsapp ios

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard of or used WhatsApp. As with any great app, fans want new WhatsApp features, and we’re pleased to say the minds behind the app have delivered with the new WhatsApp iPhone update for September.

WhatsApp Plus releases Android APK 6.13

WhatsApp Plus realeases 6.13

Many readers will have heard of WhatsApp or possibly use this messaging app themselves. Not so many will have heard of the modded WhatsApp Plus version, but if you have you might be interested to hear that WhatsApp Plus APK 6.13 has now released. Some of you may be considering switching from WhatsApp to this […]

WhatsApp update brings Android Wear support

WhatsApp update brings Android Wear support

The WhatsApp Messenger social networking app is a phenomenally successful mobile app. Therefore it makes sense to offer the cross-platform messaging app to as many device users as possible. News today is that a WhatsApp update now brings Android Wear support. Android Wear is a recent addition to mobile operating platforms and designed for wearable […]

WhatsApp on iPad without jailbreak

WhatsApp on iPad without jailbreak

Plenty of people are waiting for a dedicated WhatsApp for iPad but so far there’s only an iPhone version available. If you try to download the iOS WhatsApp app on an iPad or iPod touch you’ll find the device is not supported. However, today we have a video that details how to get functional WhatsApp […]

WhatsApp download for Windows Phone comes back

WhatsApp Windows Phone app comes back to Store

The WhatsApp app has millions of satisfied users across the world, but recently there was some consternation when the Windows Phone version of the app became unavailable to download. There’s good news today for those who were frustrated by this, as the WhatsApp download for Windows Phone has come back. When the app was temporarily […]

WhatsApp Windows Phone app disappears for now

WhatsApp Windows Phone app disappears for now

Many readers will be users of WhatsApp, the massively popular messaging app available across various platforms. However, there’s a rather interesting piece of news, as the WhatsApp Windows Phone app has disappeared for now. This seems to be because of problems with the app for Windows Phone 8.1, although it was working fine with Windows […]

WhatsApp now has 500 million monthly active users, India top

WhatsApp now has 500 million monthly users

Many people acknowledge that the WhatsApp messaging app is now extremely popular, and if you’ve wondered just how popular it has become you might be amazed by the figures involved. Numbers just released by the company show that there are now 500 million monthly active users across the world, and India is now the biggest […]

New WhatsApp Windows Phone features shown

New WhatsApp Windows Phone features shown

Popular messaging app WhatsApp has been the subject of a lot of interest lately and millions of users look forwards to updates for the mobile apps. An update is currently in development for the WhatsApp app for Windows Phone and is currently in beta testing. Today we are sharing a video that shows some of […]

Microsoft would have purchased WhatsApp according to Bill Gates

bill gates

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the richest man on earth explains that Microsoft would have been willing to purchase WhatsApp. Quoting the interview from Rolling Stone. If there’s a deal that symbolizes where Silicon Valley is today, it’s Facebook’s $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp. What does that say about the economics of Silicon […]