Wickedleak Wammy Hero Tablet priced Rs. 8,990 for India

wickedleak wammy hero tablet

We’ve touched on a few gadgets from Wickedleak over the years, and today the company dropped two new devices for India with the Wickedleak Wammy Note 4 and the Wickedleak Wammy Hero Tablet. We’re going to take a quick look at the latter, which is available to purchase today.

Windows 8 gaining Facebook and Flipboard apps

Windows 8 gaining Facebook and Flipboard apps

The success of any mobile operating system will always be dependent on the eco system behind it, and the take up of Windows 8 tablet PCs has been on the slow side so far. This should begin to change as more hardware and support becomes available, and it has been revealed Windows 8 is gaining […]

Samsung Ativ Tab 3 ultra slim and full blown Windows 8

ATiv tab 3

We already told you about the Samsung Ativ Q hybrid device that was unveiled just a short time ago and the company also revealed the ultra slim Ativ Tab 3, that is promised to be a tablet but with the full power of a PC. The new device looks pretty similar to the Android Galaxy […]

Samsung Ativ Q Windows 8 meets Jelly Bean, great specs

Samsung Ativ Q brings WP8 and Jelly Bean together

The dust has just started to settle on the big Samsung press event in London and while we didn’t get to hear anything about the Galaxy Note 3 the company did showcase a number of products with some of them not already leaked. The new Samsung Ativ Q is a hybrid device where Windows 8 […]

Microsoft Surface Pro release widens to new regions including UK

Surface pro uk release

The tablet PC market has got extremely crowded in recent times with the Apple iPad and the numerous Android devices dominating the market, and more recently Microsoft decided to enter the market with some new products. Now it has been revealed that the Microsoft Surface Pro release is to shortly widen to more regions that […]

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 review of interesting features

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 review of interesting features

Lenovo, the creator of ThinkPad brand, has had a very long history with touch-screen tablets, laptops and even the laptop/tablet hybrids. At times when the other electronic giants had a very minimal part in the tablet market and even when Windows 7 or Windows Vista or Windows XP weren’t well designed for touch screen interactions; […]

Microsoft Surface Pro release date, prices and where to buy


We’ve been keeping readers informed about the Microsoft Surface tablets for some time. Back in October the lesser option, the Microsoft Surface RT, was launched but it’s fair to say that it has failed to take off so far. However some consumers may have been waiting to get their hands on the Surface Pro tablet […]

Pre-order pricey 10.1-inch KUPA Ultranote X15 Windows 8 Tablet

Kupa tablet

Since it was launched late last year we are beginning to see more products running the new Microsoft Windows 8 operating system. In a similar way to the Android platform we are seeing products being launched by a number of companies that may not be as well known as others, and today we have news […]

GIGABYTE Windows 8 S1185 Tablet & U2142 Ultrabook


We have some details today of two new devices from GIGABYTE, a Windows 8 tablet and a masterclass convertible ultrabook. The S1185 is a full HD IPS tablet that runs the Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro OS and is targeted at both business and leisure use. The U2142 is a sleek Ultrabook, also running […]

Luring users from iPhone and SGS3 for Windows & W8

Luring users from iPhone and SGS3 for Windows & W8

With all the new formats for ‘intelligent devices’, the bulk of excitement has been focused on the variety of options available. But the more pressing issue is putting them all back together – creating a reasonably unified user experience at a point where a typical consumer may use three or four different computers, including smartphones, […]