Lumia 830 Windows 10 vs Lumia 535 WP 8.1 bootup test

Lumia 830 Windows 10 vs Lumia 55 WP8.1

When new versions of operating systems are on the way it can be good to see how they compare with existing versions. Windows 10 is at the preview stage and offers a unified software experience for mobile devices and PCs rather than the Windows Phone platform. Today we have an informal Lumia 830 Windows 10 […]

Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2 update closer with official listing

Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2 update

There’s plenty of focus at the moment on the unified approach that that Windows 10 will bring to PC’s and mobile devices, but today we have a snippet of news about WP 8.1. Before we get to Windows 10 the Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2 update is closer following an official listing in OEM documentation. A […]

MIcrosoft Wireless Charging Plate DT-903 available in the US

Wireless Charging Plate

At the 2014 International Radio Show (IFA) in Berlin, Nokia (Microsoft) has announced the DT-903 Wireless Charging Plate for Lumia phones equipped with wireless charging capabilities. Aside from being just a simple charger, the DT-903 Wireless Charging Plate also offers neat ‘ambient’ light notifications. If you phone is low on battery, or if you have a […]

Lumia 1320 Denim update starts rolling for some

Lumia 1320 Denim update

The massive Nokia Lumia 1320 phablet released at the beginning of last year, and owners of the device may have been waiting for Microsoft’s Lumia Denim update to arrive. There’s promising news today on that score, as the Lumia 1320 Denim update has started to roll out for some users of the device. Microsoft Lumia […]

Verizon Nokia Lumia Icon, 928, 822 Denim update news

Nokia Lumia Denim update

We always enjoy being able to bring readers news about updates for their various smartphones and tablets and today it’s the turn of Verizon customers with some Nokia handsets. We have details of Verizon Nokia Lumia Icon, 928 and 822 Denim update news, as the new software makes its way to further devices. The Lumia […]

A new five-inch Windows Phone could be coming soon


Things are not looking extraordinary good in Windows Phone-land. Sure, we’ve got Windows Phone 8 and the 8.1 update to the platform, but sadly there aren’t many new devices which can showcase the platform on one hand, and push the envelope on the other hand. With Nokia out of the game, and Microsoft taking the […]

Samsung Ativ S Windows Phone 8.1 update now rolling out

Samsung Ativ S Windows Phone 8.1 update

If you’re a Samsung Ativ S user and have been waiting for Windows Phone 8.1 to release for your handset then we have promising news. The Samsung Ativ S Windows Phone 8.1 update is now rolling out in some countries and is likely to arrive for other regions before too much longer. We’ve heard a […]

Windows Phone’s Cortana coming to more European countries soon?

Windows Phone 8.1 Cortana voice assistant seen in action

The Windows Phone 8.1 update brought a lot of features and fixes to phones that have received the software refresh, but Cortana is one of the main additions, as Microsoft is joining Google (with its Google now), and Apple (with its Siri) in the personal voice assistant game (sure, there are OEM specific versions as […]

HTC 8X will get Windows Phone 8.1 GDR 1 update but not 8S

HTC 8X WP 8.1 update

It’s always good to be able to bring readers news of updates for their devices and now HTC has announced plans for two of its Windows Phone handsets regarding Windows Phone 8.1. The HTC 8X will get the WP8.1 GDR 1 update but sadly the HTC 8S will miss out. This information was shared on […]

Nokia Lumia 520, 925 on AT&T get Windows Phone 8.1 update

Nokia Lumia 520 and 925 Windows Phone 8.1 update b

The Windows Phone 8.1 update is a notable upgrade and is being pushed out to various devices. If you have the Nokia Lumia 520 or Lumia 925 on AT&T we can tell you that the Windows Phone 8.1 and Lumia Cyan update is now arriving for your device. One of the main benefits of the […]