Nokia Windows RT tablet evidence grows, Verizon branding


Now here’s something interesting for a Friday morning. We have previously heard rumors regarding the possibility of an upcoming Windows RT tablet from Nokia. A new image leak sees the Nokia Windows RT tablet evidence grow, and it also shows Verizon and 4G LTE branding. Several weeks ago we informed readers about some images that […]

Nokia Windows RT tablet hits the rumor mill


We have previously seen concept designs for a Nokia tablet and now a Nokia Windows RT tablet has hit the rumor mill. There have been rumblings that Nokia was developing a Windows tablet, and now some images have popped up that claim to be a Nokia Windows RT tablet prototype. We have no way of […]

Pod2g iOS campaign and now Windows RT jailbreak

iOS pog

Jailbreaking wise the iOS 6 untethered exploit for the likes of the Apple iPhone 5 has been grabbing all the headlines in the last few weeks and months, but this sort of process is obviously not just reserved for the iOS platform, as today we have news of the Pod2g iOS campaign along with a […]

Nokia Windows RT 10-inch slate possibly at MWC 2013


Yesterday we let our readers know that the word was Nokia would not have a large presence at CES 2013 in January, and the Finnish manufacturer was opting to concentrate their efforts on February’s Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona. Thus it is presumed that Nokia will not be showing off any new tech gear […]

Microsoft Surface RT slate pricing revealed

Microsoft Surface RT slate pricing revealed

If you are over in the good old US of A and have been pondering on the idea of picking up the Microsoft Surface RT tablet once the device becomes available, but aren’t too sure just how much the tablet will actually set you back, you are about to find out because Microsoft has now […]

Microsoft Surface pricing above $599 and assembled by Pegatron

Microsoft Surface pricing above $599 and assembled by Pegatron

No doubt by now most have heard that Microsoft has unveiled their first Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets in the form of the Microsoft Surface Tablets, and apparently the word is these slates will be assembled by the company that also makes the Apple iPad, Pegatron. According to the guys over at Phone Arena […]

Microsoft Surface tablets may be primed for action this summer

microsoft surface tablet

The competition in the tablet PC market is really ramping up now as Microsoft has now announced some new own branded devices, which are thought to be ready for action this summer as another company prepares to do battle with the Apple iPad. As expected Microsoft has announced it is entering the tablet PC market, […]