IKEA wireless charging furniture can juice up your smartphone or slate

ikea charging furnature

It’s safe to say most of us have some form of furniture in our homes, and a large portion of the planet has purchased something from IKEA. The company isn’t known for tech, but they’re gearing up to introduce a popular new line of IKEA wireless charging furniture.

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 4 wireless charging options

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 wireless charging

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is one heck of an Android phablet, and it’s pretty hard to find anyone who has a bad word to say about it. There is something that Samsung missed out on that could make the device even more appealing, and that’s wireless charging. Although the phone doesn’t have this built […]

Add wireless charging to your iPhone with the Ampere Charging Sleeve

ampere charging sleeve

Wireless charging is still in its infancy, but we’ve already seen a number of ways to wirelessly charge your favorite gadgets. The tech is limited depending on your handset, but one company is opening things up a bit by giving you the ability to add wireless charging to the iPhone or a number of Samsung devices. It’s called the Ampere Charging Sleeve, and it has just begun its Kickstarter campaign.

Moto 360 Smartwatch and Charger shown in the Wild

moto 360 smartwatch and charger

We’ve seen several renders of the Moto 360, but it hasn’t been caught in the wild – until today. A blogger has apparently gotten ahold of the device, and we now have dozens of new photos of the Moto 360 smartwatch and charger.

Sony CP-W5 hybrid wireless Qi charger /battery accessory coming

Sony CP-W5 hybrid wireless Qi charger :battery accessory coming

A growing number of devices are supporting wireless charging and Sony has now announced the Sony CP-W5, a hybrid wireless Qi charger and battery accessory. The CP-W5 has a charging plate using Qi inductive charging so this is not just compatible with Sony Xperia handsets, but any Qi-enabled smartphones too. It has a wall charger […]

iPhone 5, 5S set for wireless charging capability

5s wireless

While we have seen smartphones being released with more powerful processors and higher resolution touchscreen displays, devices with wireless charging are less widespread but this capability is set to come to the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. There are already accessories that allow owners of iPhone devices to wirelessly charge up their device, and today […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 set for new wireless charging tech

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 set for new wireless charging tech

There has been some criticism levelled at Samsung this year for not bringing out new handsets that were innovative enough compared to last year’s devices, and now the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is reportedly set for some new wireless charging tech next year. We have seen a few more smartphones recently that do offer wireless […]

BlackBerry Z30 Qi wireless charging possibility

BlackBerry Z30 Qi wireless charging possibility

All is not well in the BlackBerry world at the moment with the launch of the new operating system getting off to a slow start with sales not meeting early expectations. Now there is another flagship handset on the horizon with the possibility of the BlackBerry Z30 having Qi wireless charging. BlackBerry has been in […]

Galaxy S4 official wireless charging kit now available

S4 wireless charging

Samsung has been quite busy in the last couple of weeks with its Galaxy S4 range of handsets growing larger, and now the company has made available the official Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging kit that can now be purchased. Wireless charging looks like it will begin to come the standard at least for high […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 2 ZENS technology benefit


The Samsung Galaxy S4 has recently released in a fanfare of publicity while the phablet-style Galaxy Note 2 is a favorite among those who prefer a smartphone with a larger display. Today we have details for you of a ZENS technology benefit for both of these devices, as the company has launched new wireless charging […]