Xbox Live down, sign in problems on status page

Xbox live down b

Readers have been drawing our attention to some issues going on with Xbox Live right now so if you have an Xbox One or Xbox 360 you might be interested in this news. Xbox Live is down and certain problems have been acknowledged on the official status page. Let’s hope this isn’t yet another attack […]

Xbox Live down once more, status acknowledges

Xbox  live down once more

There’s bad news today if you have an Xbox One or Xbox 360 and were hoping for hours of online gaming activity. We first noticed reports that there were problems with the friends list, and then it became apparent that other services were also limited. Yes, Xbox Live is down once more and the live […]

Xbox SmartGlass Android tablet release joy

Xbox SmartGlass Android tablet release joy

Microsoft has been making a big thing of the growing integration with the Xbox 360 and mobile devices, and the company away from its own WP8 operating system has some apps available for rival offerings. Today we have the news of some Xbox SmartGlass Android tablet release joy. Back in October of last year the […]

Xbox SmartGlass for iOS released, iPhone 5 not compatible

smartglass for ios released

Just over a week ago Android users that also own an Xbox 360 were treated to the SmartGlass application that lets them control certain things on the console via their mobile device. In the meantime users on the iOS platform were left waiting, and now we can tell you that Xbox SmartGlass for iOS has […]

My Xbox Live for Android finally released & tested

My Xbox Live for Android

As always it seems that users of the Android platform have to wait longer to get access too much wanted applications when compared to iOS users, but today we have news of the My Xbox Live for Android that is finally released and tested. Microsoft has finally got around to releasing the application on the […]

iPad 3 arrival: Gamers give up consoles beforehand?


Since the start of Apple’s iPad 2 arrival last March, rumours have been in overdrive surrounding the next generation iPad and its specification possibilities. As well as the next iPad 3 tablet destined to arrive sometime in March this year, rumours include the add-on of LTE, HD display, quad-core processor and so on.

Silver Levi’s Mobile Phone with FREE Xbox 360 Arcade on Orange

Levi’s without a doubt make the beast jeans in the world; well that is my opinion anyway. Well it seems that they have decided to enter the world of mobile phones, and no the casing is not made from denim. The Levi’s phone has a silver finish and is slim enough to fit into your […]