Star Wars Battlefront open beta release arrives today

star wars battlefront open beta

Occasionally, we delve out of the mobile realm to cover something that’s bigger than everything else. Today, that’s the Star Wars Battlefront open beta release which is gearing up to kick off in a few short hours. Time to get those consoles and gaming rigs ready…

Xbox Live down, sign in problems on status page

Xbox live down b

Readers have been drawing our attention to some issues going on with Xbox Live right now so if you have an Xbox One or Xbox 360 you might be interested in this news. Xbox Live is down and certain problems have been acknowledged on the official status page. Let’s hope this isn’t yet another attack […]

Xbox Live down once more, status acknowledges

Xbox  live down once more

There’s bad news today if you have an Xbox One or Xbox 360 and were hoping for hours of online gaming activity. We first noticed reports that there were problems with the friends list, and then it became apparent that other services were also limited. Yes, Xbox Live is down once more and the live […]

Xbox One smartphone release envisioned with concept

Xbox One smartphone envisioned with concept

The gaming world is currently filled with news surrounding the release of the Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 consoles that have been waited on for a while now. We have been seeing more integration with mobile devices recently and today we have an Xbox One Smartphone release envisioned with a concept video. This […]

4 Xbox One launch games with mobile integration

5 Xbox One launch games with mobile integration

We knew that Gamescom 2013 was going to be all about the Sony PS4 and the Xbox One, and if you are a gaming fan then you were treated to some intriguing news, which we will not go into because we are not a gaming website. You may wonder why we would be talking about […]

Xbox One Smartphone concept features revisited

Xbox One Smartphone concept features revisited

About a week ago a strange story broke that looked at what a possible Xbox One smartphone release would have to offer to the market, and if it was to ever happen (highly unlikely) then it would play on its games console sibling to help improve Windows Phone 8 sales. T3 were the ones who […]

Xbox One vs. PS4 features for mobile integration


There have been a lot of changes in technology since the current generation of consoles launched and one very big change is the importance of both tablet and smartphone to gamers. The hardcore gamer would prefer gaming on a console to mobile devices any day of the week, but these users still value their smartphone […]

Xbox One specs enhance SmartGlass for WP, Android and iOS


Earlier today we knew that the Microsoft event would provide some insight into mobile devices and the next-generation Xbox, which has now been confirmed as Xbox One with full specs being revealed. The SmartGlass app has already been a success with many mobile platforms, and enhances the Xbox experience for both gamers and entertainment enthusiasts. […]