Xbox One Live app problems with online down


It looks like the Xbox One Live app has some major problems right now thanks to the online services going down today. One Live is an upgraded iPhone and iPad app, which allows Xbox Live subscribers to sign-in to their accounts while mobile. Sadly, the Xbox Live status page is currently informing gamers that their […]

Xbox 720: Start time for live video event with phone crossover


The next-generation of gaming is well and truly on the way and while smartphones have taken some gaming hours from consoles, it seems the Xbox 720 live event taking place today will work with our mobile phones to bring gamers together across platforms. We have heard rumors for a few weeks now about the so-called […]

Xbox video syncing to Windows Phone 8 is problematic

Xbox video syncing to Windows Phone 8 is problematic

When Microsoft launched Xbox Music and Video things didn’t go all that smooth with many people complaining about having to repurchase items along with incompatibility issues. One of the main complaints is that users can’t transfer their purchased videos from Xbox video to their Windows Phone 8 device. The guys over at Wpcentral reports they […]

Xbox Surface Tablet full rendering, specs include SmartGlass


Of course we at Phones Review like to bring readers all the news about the latest smartphones and tablets but every now and then a concept idea comes along that interests us enough to pass on to our readers. The Microsoft Surface tablet has been getting a lot of attention over the last few weeks […]

Xbox Surface 7-inch tablet, the iPad mini rival

Xbox Surface 7-inch tablet, the iPad mini rival

Microsoft has recently released its new Surface tablet PC to the masses, but some new rumours have emerged that may be of interest to the gaming community that Microsoft are currently working on an 7-inch Xbox Surface tablet, which could be an ideal Apple iPad mini rival. The Verge are claiming to have been contacted […]

Do you like Mobile Phones with Free Gifts?


Silly question really, as let’s face it if it’s truly free, everyone love free gifts, right? And mobile phone retailers know when to take advantage, and are rolling out mobile phone deals with attached free gifts allowing buyers in the UK to have a field day. Mobile phone manufacturers create handsets with unbelievable features, but […]

IXboxLive application for the iPhone released by developer


The Apple iTunes App Store continues to grow and it has now made yet another addition to its popular applications list with an app for tracking your Xbox Live friends via your Apple iPhone and Apple iPod Touch. Developed by Nicholas Pike, IXboxLive only cost 59 pence and allows the user to add roughly twelve […]