Liverpool FC Edition XOLO One smartphone priced at Rs. 6,299 for India

Xolo One LFC Edition

Football fans that live in India are in for a treat – if Liverpool FC is their club of choice. XOLO has teamed up with LFC for the Liverpool FC Edition XOLO One smartphone, which has just arrived in India through Snapdeal.

XOLO Prime announced for India with Android 5.0

XOLO Prime

Smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and Sony have been trying to gain ground in India, but they have a tough road ahead due to companies like Micromax, Spice and XOLO. Affordable smartphones from those companies are being released like there’s no tomorrow, and you can add one more to the growing list with the XOLO Prime.

Xolo Q520s arrives in India for Rs. 5,699

Xolo Q520S

We’ve only covered on new Xolo handset this year with the Q700 Club, but the company has just unveiled a new smartphone bound for India. It’s called the Xolo Q520s, and it’s a budget handset that won’t break the bank at only Rs. 5,699.

Xolo Q900s Plus specs and price listed for India

Xolo Q900s plus

A lot of companies “claim” to have the thinnest smartphone on the planet or tablets that are lighter than air. Even when it’s true, those records can fall rather quickly when smartphone manufacturers try to outdo themselves. Xolo has just unveiled a new handset and have given it the title of the “World Lightest Phone.” Ready to meet the Xolo Q900s Plus?

The Xolo Opus 3 arrives in India for Rs. 8,499

xolo opus 3

If you thought the whole “Selife” craze was just going to blow over, you thought wrong. The feature is here to stay for a while at least, and Xolo is getting in on the action with the recently announced Xolo Opus 3.

The 4.5-inch Xolo Q710s priced at Rs. 6,999 for India

Xolo Q710S

Xolo has produced some nice handsets this year that offer consumers a lot of bang for their buck. A new one has just popped up on the company’s official website, and it shows the Xolo Q710s to be a mid-range device with a nice price tag of Rs. 6,999.

Xolo One launches with KitKat and Quad-Core SoC for Rs. 6,599

Xolo One

We talked about the Xolo Opus HD over the weekend, and the company is back with another low-priced handset for India. Their latest smartphone is called the Xolo One, and it is headed to India for Rs. 6,599.

Xolo Opus HD shows up with a 720p display for Rs. 9,499

Xolo Opus HD

The Xolo Opus Q1000 was a pretty popular device when it was released, and company has just rolled out another smartphone in the line with the Xolo Opus HD. It’s a nice upgrade over the previous model, and still reasonably priced.

Xolo Q2100 set to launch with Fingerprint scanner and 5.5-inch Display


The Xolo Q2100 is getting ready to make an appearance in India according to a new report and an appearance in the popular import/export site Zuaba. It’s another midranger, but it has a fingerprint scanner which is something you generally don’t find on your typical budget handset.

Xolo Q610s is priced at Rs. 7,499 in India

Xolo Q610s

It seems like Xolo releases a couple of new handsets each month, and August is no different. Another new device has just been unveiled, and it’s headed to India in the very near future. It’s a budget smartphone, but its cheap as the Xolo Q610s is priced at Rs. 7,499 in India.