YouTube Red review shows free trial experience

YouTube Red review

There are plenty of people wondering ‘what is YouTube Red?’ as it’s something that’s creating a lot of attention at the moment. Basically it’s an ad-free version of YouTube and a few days ago we reported on the YouTube Red free trial. Now we have a YouTube Red review for you to take a look […]

YouTube Red free trial available with launch today

youtube red logo

If you spend a lot of time on your mobile device, you’re probably aware of YouTube Red. The new service kicked off today, and there’s a YouTube Red free trial available if you’re thinking about dipping your toes into their ad-free waters.

Watch State of the Union 2015 address, live streaming for mobiles

Watch State of the Union Address

President Barack Obama will be delivering the annual State of the Union address later today, Tuesday January 20. Although many people will be viewing the speech live on TV, there are others who won’t be able to for one reason or another. If you have a smartphone or tablet though there’s no reason to miss […]

YouTube for Android gets Dogfood update


YouTube’s Android app received an update today, but it might not exactly be the update you’re used to seeing. Once you update, you’re going to get a new icon in the top right of the UI has a bone inside, to become part of Google’s “dogfooding” program, or internal testing program, for those not familiar […]

Chromecast update, AllCast fix for embedded YouTube playback

Chromecast update, AllCast fix for embedded YouTube playback

Google Chromecast is expected to release in the UK next month if all goes according to plan, and the good news is that the streaming device for Android users will go on sale with the likes of Currys. There have been a few updates lately including AllCast and YouTube. When it comes to Chromecast a […]

Cell phone crashing at the airport must watch prank video

Cell phone crashing at the airport must watch prank video

We have all been in an airport and had to listen to other cell phone user’s conversations, an airport is very loud and that means users have to speak even louder to hear what the other person is saying. This is where crashing their calls becomes fun, and a video going viral. You either love […]

YouTube for iOS update brings nice new features

YouTube for iOS update brings nice new features

Modern mobile technology has allowed us to view video content that isn’t already stored on the device anywhere we can get connected to the Internet, and this has been helped by the huge number of applications that are available for smartphone platforms. Popular video sharing website YouTube has just seen its iOS application receive a […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 tasty YouTube videos appear today


Unless you’ve been living in a cave then you’re bound to have heard about the Samsung event later today where we will see the official unveiling of the Galaxy S4 (S IV) smartphone. This is a massive deal in the mobile technology world as it will be one of the biggest device launches for 2013 […]

YouTube app for iPad iOS 6 release still MIA, best alternatives

YouTube app for iPad iOS 6 release still MIA

It’s now been two months since Apple released iOS 6 and in that time there have been a number of app updates to make full use of the new mobile OS. One of the most popular apps did not make it onto the iPad running iOS 6, which would have previously been pre-installed. This was […]

YouTube on iOS 6, back to old school method


There’s some intriguing news today for iOS device users who use the YouTube app but are unhappy with the latest version as it seems one ingenious developer has managed to install the odd school style YouTube on iOS 6, without having to jailbreak the device. We also have a video to show you the method […]