ZTE Geek to go Tizen at MWC 2014

ZTE Geek goes Tizen at MWC

There may be some avid phone enthusiasts among our readers who remember the ZTE Geek that launched for China last year. This was an Android smartphone but now it appears that we will see the ZTE Geek go Tizen at MWC next month. There are plenty of people who are really interested in developments of […]

ZTE Geek U988S 5-inch Tegra 4 phone for China

ZTE Geek U988S 5-inch Tegra 4 phone for China

It is not unusual for us to see desirable looking smartphones that are only destined to be released in the Asian market, and that looks to be the case with the ZTE Geek U988S 5-inch Nvidia Tegra 4 phone for china. While ZTE smartphones may not have quite the same international standing compared to other […]

ZTE Geek becomes official, dodgy name choice


We always enjoy bringing readers details of newly announced smartphones and today the ZTE Geek was made official. We have details of specs ahead but couldn’t help chuckling at the title of this phone and wonder if it’s rather a dodgy name choice. Although the term ‘geek’ has become rather more cool within the tech […]