ZTE Axon set to shake things up in the US July 14

axon smartphone

Earlier in the week, a mysterious new handset started making the rounds called the Axon. Turns out it’s actually going to be produced by ZTE, and the Axon smartphone is going to make a big splash in the states next month.

The Octa-Core ZTE S2010 passes through TENAA certification

ZTE S2010

ZTE has been busy for the first half of 2015, and they don’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. The ZTE S2010 is the company’s latest handset making the rounds, and it has just passed through TENAA certification ahead of an impending release.

Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 has decent specs, affordable price

Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 price, specs

We have some interesting news for UK smartphone buyers, as operator Vodafone has just introduced a new own-brand phablet called the Smart Ultra 6. This appears to offer very decent value for its money, so read on for details of the Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 specs, price and more. The Smart Ultra 6 is manufactured […]

ZTE Star 3 rumored to rock a 5.5-inch 4K display

ZTE STar 3

Remember when people scoffed at the notion of 2K displays? Well, that’s not the case anymore, but consumers may get to gripe about the ZTE Star 3 release soon as the handset is tipped to come with a 4K display.

ZTE Nubia X8 specs leak shows 4GB of RAM and Huge Battery

ZTE Nubia X8

ZTE has had great success with its Nubia line, and one of the latest, may turn out to be their greatest. The unannounced ZTE Nubia X8 has leaked again, and we can now add a few more components to its already impressive list of specs.

ZTE Overture 2 arrives in the states for $50 on Cricket

zte overture 2

One of the few Chinese brands to successfully make the jump from the states has been ZTE. The ZTE Overture 2 is the latest to make in appearance in the U.S., and while it won’t set the world on fire with its specs, it is a very affordable if you want to roll with Cricket.

The ZTE Q519T hits China with Android 5.0 and $95 price tag


China sees far more smartphone releases than the states or Europe. The ZTE Q519T is one of the latest smartphones to land in the region, and it’s a handset to keep an eye one in the event it leaves the East.

ZTE Xiao Xian 2 announced with Fingerprint scanner and $144 price tag


Every summer, we see smartphone manufacturers pull out all the stops with pricing and perks. In China, the battle is more fierce than anywhere, and ZTE is getting ready to shake things up. The company has announced a new handset for the region and it sports a fingerprint scanner to go along with a very low price tag.

Nubia Z9 price and specifications are official

ZTE Nubia Z9

Yesterday we got word on the ZTE Nubia Z9 price ahead of its launch, which was today. Now that the cat is officially out of the bag, we’re back to give you the “official” scoop on ZTE’s new flagship dubbed the Nubia Z

ZTE Nubia Z9 price revealed ahead of official launch

ZTE Nubia Z9

The ZTE Nubia Z9 has leaked in every way imaginable, and it’s almost managed to trump several top-tier flagships in terms of leaks and rumors. Well, we’re happy to announce we may have just seen the last one ahead of an official launch as the ZTE Nubia Z9 price has just been revealed.